Purchasing a new 'Old' House.

bannerDecember 29, 2007

Hi all,

We are new to this forum. I thought you all might enjoy a look inside the 1885 house we will be purchasing soon. I got a little carried away with the camera. LOTS OF PICS. It's a very special place. We are anxious to get to work on it.

Happy New Year, Banner


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WOW! What a treasure - & it looks to have so much original detail; I can certainly understand your excitement. Thanks for the pics & keep us posted on your progress.

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OH MY GOSH!!! Your home is superb! The stained glass, unpainted eastlake door hardware, beadboard, parquet flooring and all the unpainted wood, the push button switches, metal tub....and those light fixtures! Your home has obviously been loved through the years! Is she in as good a shape structurally as she appears?

If I read one of the mantle signs correctly, my father in law is from your town - we go there fairly often to visit relatives in the area.


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You must be so excited. What a wonderful house. No wonder you took so many pictures- so many great details! Hard to believe it was left so intact. Had restoration work already been done to it, or was it just really well cared for?

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Holy moley. That's frigging amazing! Work? It looks beautiful! What are you going to do with it?

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Drop dead gorgeous!!!Best of luck with your new baby.

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Wowza! That house is awesome. So well cared for. Congratulations.

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Wonderful old house! You are truly fortunate to be the next caretaker of this masterpiece.

So many aspects of this house look like the c. 1890 building that served as the first office for the company I work for. It was restored in 1995-1996 with a lot of that same greenish paint removed to reveal the original oak below. The door hardware, tiles, stairs, and even the basement are very similar to your new home.


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Hi All,

We, moved in and have begun to work on the interior. With painting going on, and having just moved in we feel like we are living in a moving truck that tipped over and is pulled over to the side of the road.


Prepping the walls in the dining room.

Painter wondering how in the devil he got mixed up with working for a crazy guy like me.

Dining room painting mess.

Working on cutting in the ceiling paint. (We are all looking up to him)

Scraping crud off between windows in the corner of the kitchen.

Cutting above the chair rail.

Carefully painting above the bird carving.

First coat is complete around the fireplace.

New Antique dining room light and a new decorative ceiling light surround.

The flame maple door trim has a hint of this color in it. The red walls really make the wood work and tiles look great.

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I am so green with envy I look like freakin' Shrek. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous - I'd do any number of evil things for a house like that. I don't even dare show this to my DH, who is even more of a wood freak than I am - he would just LOSE IT.

Hope you're not doing much more than painting to this lovely lady!

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She is absolutely beautiful. The old river town near where I live is filled with houses of this age and ilk. When I was a teenager, I lived in one very like this. Leather wainscotting, leaded windows, tiled ornate fireplaces, butler's pantry, original fixtures. We moved and when my parents came back to retire here, it was up for sale.

When my parents went back, serious about putting in an offer on it, the PO had lowered all the ceilings with that fakey paper in grids stuff. Ripped out the built-ins. Removed the marble slabs on the old radiators. IOW ruined it.

That's the way a good many of these homes ended up.....chopped up for rental units and defects in the plaster covered with cheap box store paneling.

You have a treasure. Enjoy it! Like everybody else said, don't do anything thing major in the way of updates without paying some serious thought to it.

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Fabulous - I still can't believe what great original condition the woodwork is in!

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