Gas Cooktop---SS or Black?

sail_awayFebruary 17, 2013

We're about ready to purchase a new gas cooktop (Jenn-Air---I know it's not popular,but we've investigated other options and determined it's the best for us; if you wonder why, see my post on the Appliances forum.) Anyway, I'm still vacillating on whether to buy SS or black. If the pros and cons are about equal,then maybe I'll just choose black if we go with the dark granite (dark grey or black) and SS if we choose a midtone granite. However, I think either will go with the granite choices we have in mind, so my main concern is upkeep/cleaning.

Black---it is the same surfaced used on smooth top electric ranges. It seems I've read a lot of complaints about how difficult that is to keep clean, especially with burned on spills. I worry about scratching it or otherwise damaging it when scrubbing vigorously to clean it up, or, conversey, not being able to get it totally clean. It seems that scratches on the black would be more obvious than on SS, but correct me if I'm wrong. It also seems that the glass-looking black would show every spec of dust or every crumb.

SS---Again, I worry about burned on spills, stains, and possible scratching. Same concerns as above, since I use my cooktop daily (multiple times) and can be messy when I'm in a hurry. I keep thinking that if I can keep my SS pots and pans looking good, I'll be able to keep up with a SS cooktop. Am I wrong? I've also heard that the burners will darken over time due to the high heat--is that an ugly eyesore?

First and foremost, I want a kitchen that will be functional and that I won't have to slave over to keep presentable. I'm not a clean freak, but I do like to finish up in the evening with a nice, presentable kitchen without having to spend half-an-hour scrubbing hard to keep that way.

What are your preferences, and why? What do you use to maintain/clean your cooktops?

Thanks so much for your help.

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Hi Sail-Away: In a previous home, I had a Jenn Air pro style SS range with a black enameled gas cook top, and the one thing I really liked about it was that I could very easily remove the cartridges and carry them to the sink to clean. Unlike others here, I've generally had good luck with Jenn Air appliances. I currently have a Kenmore Elite SS 36" cook top. The knobs are on top, and I find that part scratches quite easily. Although it does clean up ok, the top itself can't be removed and carried to the sink. Hope that makes sense.

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I have a Bosch black glass topped gas range and it is hard to keep clean. I don't have an issue cleaning it but in 1 day it collects dust and that's a downside to me. My cousin just got a new kitchen all lack appliances she said herstove top is a pita just like mine! I would go ss

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Joyce, I'm not sure whether the black top on their ranges is the same material as their cooktops, altlhough I guess it makes sense that it would be. Just to show how we're all different, my current 20 year-old white cooktop has the modular parts for the burners and I grew to hate that. It just made one more place for grime to settle in so that I never felt like I should just wipe off the top and call it clean, but felt I needed to clean out all the cracks where the modular burner unit met the main part of the cooktop. Of course, I didn't do that every time, but it always has bothered me that I don't.

Jeannie, Thanks for the warning. That's what I'm afraid of. We're probably going to go with Black Pearl granite in the kitchen,so an all black cooktop would look nice, but I think the SS will look good, too. I hope someone with the SS cooktop will weigh in with their experience. If I'm told that the SS cooktop is also difficult, I guess my only choice would be to forego the cooktop altogether and just rely on takeout! LOL

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