SW Restrained Gold? Mannered Gold? Suggestions?

ladynimueFebruary 1, 2008

I'm using the Restrained Gold in LR + DR combo...thinking of using the Mannered Gold, which is a bit darker, in the sun room further back in the house, behind the DR, but open to both rooms. I'd love to see any pictures or hear your thoughts about the colors.

Plus, any suggestions for foyer/entry color that would go well with these colors? I was just going to use the Restrained, but now I'm thinking it'll be too much and too dark because the ceiling is low (like 7') and it's a small space (5 x 12).

Thank you :)

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I must have a thing for darker colors. I LOVE the Mannered Gold with the Restrained Gold, which looks light to me. Maybe it's because we have higher ceilings? I was considering Lanyard, but according to their color viewer, I like the Mannered Gold much better. Maybe your question will help me too. :)

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How about SW Ivorie for the foyer? A creamy color but with a very slight hint of gold. Then add accessories -- even picture frames with gold to bring it out in the light .......

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I love the two colors together, too. They're beautiful! Restrained is light, unless you compare it to a cream :) I have some up on one wall right now. The Mannered, I think, is much richer looking.

We have 8' ceilings except for in the foyer and kitchen - they are 6'11" No kidding! The central air duct work is up there. I'm thinking that a color lighter than Restrained Gold would be better for the low ceilinged foyer, but I don't know. Help!

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Thanks teacats, I'll go check out the Ivoire tomorrow. I have a black framed pic planned for the foyer - but lots of golds/fall colors in it. Trim is pure white, fixtures are silver metal.

For now I used the Restrained, but after all the rooms are done I want to explore some other ideas - lighter colors, especially since I think I'll paint the ceiling, too.

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I used both of those colors - Restrained Gold for LR and Mannered Gold in the DR (in back of the LR). THe DR gets way more sun than the LR. Here are some pics - hope it helps....

LR to DR


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Stunning rooms Susan, I love the colors! Your pic of the DR has convinced me to go with Mannered in my sun room. Thanks very much for sharing!!

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I like mannered gold too. It is an accent wall in my LR with the other walls being compatible cream.

Susan, the waincotting in the DR, is it a panel you painted or are the trim pieces and chair rail glued onto the drywall? It looks elegant in your room.


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Here's a little of what mine is looking like - still painting, but this little wall and some of the entry is done (SW Restrained Gold). Please ignore the ugly fp.

My dh took the pic this morning and there was a lot of light coming in at the time. I'm really liking it and I'm going to go ahead and keep it in the foyer :)

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I'm thinking of using gold in the master instead of the Pittsfield so I was tickled to see the photos from you, susans02, thanks! : )


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Susans02- your rooms are just stunning. I'm planning on painting my kitchen in our new home mannered gold with the north wall painted red barn. After seeing your pics, I know I'm on the right track :)

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I have Restrained gold in the DR & Ivorie in the foyer. Ivorie in LR , FR, master BR, & bath. Hope this helps........Susan, love your rooms!


Here is a link that might be useful: Restrained gold in DR

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I have restrained gold and mannered gold in my home too. I just love them both.

Mannered gold in the family room:

Restrained gold in the dining room:

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Bonnie, I love the blue accents you used w/the restrained gold.

RobbyRob - love your lamps and that swirly mirror, very cool.

These must be great colors since so many of us are using them! They're the perfect goldish tan yellow (lol), rich and warm and bright.

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