1880 iowa farm house - a porch?

pinch_meNovember 21, 2010

The kitchen in my house used to be the porch. I want a porch again but how do I figure out how to do it? It's as plain jane as you can get. According to A Field Guide To American Houses it is a Folk Victorian. With the porch now incorporated into the house I don't see how I can add a new porch. I found lots of images under that heading but most of them don't match the book. The link I used below is as close as I got in a quick search.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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To help you maybe what we really need is a pic of your house. You'd be surprised what this group can come up with once they can see what they are dealing with.

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I can't find a good one so I'll take a new one Thursday. Ice storm for tomorrow.

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Here it is! To the west is a highly traveled gravel road. Can you say DUST? To the north is pasture. South is the driveway, I would rather not move it. East is already taken with buildings.

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Are you in a position to do a major renovation, or just budgeting a few thousand for a porch? I'm wondering if you could build onto the back of the house (you gave NSEW, but I'm not good at figuring that out in relation to the photo! lol). Is the pasture yours so you could borrow space from it? Do you have land around the house to build onto? I think the addition on the front just looks out of place. With a carte blanche budget, I would remove it and relocate the kitchen. Then build the porch back on like it probably was originally. But I know budgets aren't always as large as we would like them to be!

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Budget porch! I just did a major kitchen remodel. The gravel road would be on the left side of the picture. I own the pasture but my horses live in it. I would put a porch on the front door if it weren't so close to the road....or if there was a way to shield it from the dust. I am not going to pay the $1200 it would cost to have dust control each summer.

I'm certain the enclosure that is now the kitchen was the porch at one time. When I had it down to the studs I could see the prexisting doors and windows. It obviously was the porch, especially being a single story. The evidence I found suggests it was made into the kitchen in 1950.

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