Weird windows?

ks_toolgirlNovember 22, 2010

So, my windows have no cord. No weights. None of the things everyone else has, and nobody mentions this kind. They're double hung, and both top and bottom have these (pictured, one of the bunch I'm keeping for stored windows) pegs w/springs - and holes in frame for them to slip into.

Anyone have info? Another of my "weird" house's oddities.

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Huh, you just took me back about 30 years to my old home! Never would have remembered that feature if I hadn't seen your post; I can even hear the *sqeeeeeak* and *snap* as the window is raised the the peg popped into place. I'm afraid I don't know what they would be called, though. This was an old farm house, probably built late 1800-early 1900's.... Interesting, thanks for the flash-back!

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Mrsrichards, you're welcome - here's a pic of a window showing one in place. (Yikes, windex much? Lol!). It may be easier for someone to identify if its not just a badly taken pic of a peg-thing.
Some of them are broken - missing springs etc, I'd like to know what to call them when looking for the parts. Some are just missing, I need to figure out how to clean a few of the extras & get the (lead) paint out of the springs without ruining them.
The trim is the cheap stuff POs put in, no idea where the old stuff is. At least they left the window.

Why can't anything about this house be normal?? It's not always a bad thing, (someday I'll post about the weird little "room" I found off upstairs bathroom), but it gets frustrating. ;-)

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Here you go...sash springs is the name, I believe. If this link doesn't get you right to the page, it's under Window Hardware, Double Hung Sash Hardware, Sash Springs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wm. Rigby

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Patser, Thank you so much! (Really? "Sash springs"? Seems obvious, when you say it like THAT, lol). :-)
$6.00 apiece? Holy moly! I'd better be able to re-use mine!
Thanks, again.

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Between and Wm Rigby....there shouldn't be a hardware question that can't be answered!

Is that what you have to do to keep your windows open?

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Patser, yes - there are several holes they slip into (after a bit of "jiggling" by now). Those are my options for how far the windows open.(Large encyclopedia book doesn't count, right?). The cool part is, they are double hung - the uppers (that "lower") have the same feature. I haven't used my "window zipper" on those yet thus many layers of paint still have them "locked". (Lazy home-security system?). Hey, if I can't open them from the inside.... ;-)

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Wow, yes that is them exactly! Glad you have a name for them, obvious as it is lol. I hope you don't have to buy too many replacements...

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Boil them in hot water in a pot you won't be using for cooking EVER again. The heat from the water softens the old paint and you should be able to peel it right off.
A little brushing and they will look so much better.
This works BTW for most hardware.

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