Which would you buy?

Lindsey_CAFebruary 22, 2014

I have a watch that i really, really like. The manufacturer recently discontinued this "model." If for any reason I have to send my watch for servicing, I would be without it for 6 to 8 weeks. I don't want to be without a watch for that long (I prefer a watch to looking at my cell phone for the time), so I want to buy another watch as a "backup / alternate." But the problem is that I haven't been able to find another watch that I like as much as my current watch.

I found out today that the manufacturer does have another of "my" watch (brand new, never sold to anyone) and I could get it at a discount because it's discontinued. Or, I could choose a different model altogether. I'm really tempted to get the same model because I like it so much, but I don't know if that's a crazy thing to do.

So, what would you do? Get another of the same model, or get a different watch, even though you don't like it as much?

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I think having a back-up of the model you love is a great idea, especially since it is discontinued.

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FlamingO in AR

I would buy another one just like the one I like so much. I do that with clothes and fabric and certain household items, why not with a watch?

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I'm no help. I haven't been happy for YEARS, since Seiko discontinued selling and servicing my super-thin watch.

I now wear a $200 Citizen self winding, and it works perfectly -- but the minute I come home, I take this 'lead weight' off my wrist.

I still have my old Seiko in a drawer...hoping, hoping. Funny how we get attached to *things*.

How 'old' is your old watch? What's the cost to repair v replace with the same model? Can you use an obviously silly Timex or something for two months?

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I've been wearing this watch every day for about 9 years. I don't know how long this model had been available before I got mine.

I have no idea what the cost to repair would be -- it would depend on what needed to be done. But, it's a safe bet that it would be much less than the cost to replace, as it is not an inexpensive watch.

And, no, I wouldn't want to wear "an obviously silly Timex or something for two months."

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If you really love the watch and haven't tired of it, have found the price to be acceptable, go ahead and buy another would be my suggestion.

I wore the same Accutron with black face, small diamonds for the quarter hour markers, for 25 years before if stopped making sense to put any money into it. I still miss that watch. Well wait, I still have the watch, I just miss wearing it ;)

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I prefer the Casio data bank (or similar). It provides commonly used features and gives a lot for the price, It is reliable and runs about 5 yrs per battery change, less if the display light is activated often. It displays the time, day, month and date, and year. Telephone numbers can be stored. It has a timer and stop watch function. Other functions are included.

My present Casio is over 15 yr old and is up for replacement only because the switch contacts are getting dirty and requiring extra pressure to operate the stop watch.

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You sound like my husband with HIS Casio. We all laugh at him because he has had it forever, replaced two or three bands. Tonight he discovered Kohl's carries it so he has a place to go when his finally dies.

As for me, I have some very fancy watches but have worn and replaced many times a classic Timex round watch with back light and regular black numbers on an off white face with a leather band. Worn this(or an identical one) for many years despite the fact it costs less than $50 and I have ones worth way more. Once I saw a picture with Martha Stewart wearing one just like it.

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or my dh with his seikos..one my mother bought him in Europe and one was a co. employee gift...it's a "fancy" gold and steel so it his work one...the other plain jane so it's his weekend, lol...

I also have my dad's omega..don't know exactly what to do with it...checked on ebay and they're getting $$, but it was my dads...

me? I'm watchless!

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I don't need (or want) a watch that can store phone numbers, take pictures, or play music. :-) I just want a quality watch that looks nice with whatever I might be wearing. One that's not too "dressy" if I'm dressed casually, but that's not too "casual" if I'm dressed up. My current watch fits that bill, and since so many seem to think I should get the same watch again, I think that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Thanks! :-)

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FlamingO in AR

You might look on Ebay, too, Lindsey. I've purchased several replacement watches for DH there, because like you, when he has a watch he likes, he wants another just like it when it breaks. And I bought my watch on Ebay, it's the female version of his watch- solar powered, never have to buy batteries, I like that.

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Buy it. I use a timex watch. Mine isn't made anymore, or at least, I can't find another one.

I bought a different one, and hate it. If I find another one like the one I had before, I will buy it.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

By the way, Overstock can be a great place to buy watches.

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My DH has never replaced his Rado since we were burglarized. I haven't replaced the $20K of jewelry I lost either. (Most of it was irreplaceable anyway.)

We are over seventy. I have a different feeling now towards owning or wearing expensive jewelry. I *admire* pretty things on others, but I don't want to own more. I still have my wedding/engagement ring and some decent pearls -- oh, and an evening bracelet-watch I may have worn fifty times in my life. That wasn't stolen because it lives in our safety deposit box! LOL How irrational is that?

I think my jewelry was probably sold for scrap (untraceable that way), but if anyone often trolls ebay, let me know if you see a little (less than an inch long) goldfish pendant (Made in Italy). It's the least valuable of what was taken, but what I miss most.

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I could have written most of Chisue's post. Most of my good jewelry was stolen about a dozen years ago. Several pieces survived--including my 18K gold Movado watch--because they were in my safe deposit box. And there they stay.

When I was young and living in Manhattan, I wore the good stuff all the time. Today I either don't care or it makes me nervous. The last time I attended a party at Lincoln Center, a very heavy gold bracelet was stolen off my hand. I don't know how they did it.

I just took a look at my watch to see what it is, and it has no name. I guess it's cheaper than a Timex. LOL

Chisue, I bought my daughter-in-law a Skagen watch. I think it's good looking, and it's thin and lightweight.

I suspect cell phones will be phasing out both watches and cameras.

PS: I just re-read this and realized it's not helpful to you at all, Lindsey. But good luck with your decision. ;-)

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I would for sure. If you enjoy wearing it for whatever reason, then yes, buy a replacement.

My example of doing this sort of thing is with shoes. I am not a shoe person but I have very narrow feet and trying to find shoes to fit is difficult (everything is a generic B width). So when I find a pair of shoes to fit and if I like wearing them I will go back and buy the same shoes in a different colour.

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If you can afford it, get it. Why linger over the decision?

Here's my experience - as a young adult, I bought a watch that I thought was the "perfect watch". It was particularly good looking, it had a style and the very features I'd always wanted. I owned and enjoyed it for many years, it was as if part of me. One sad day, an unforeseen incident occurred (the details don't matter) and it was destroyed. After a few days of mourning, I set about trying to find the same model as a replacement. I went to stores each day over the course of a week but never found the right model or anything else acceptable. It appeared that a replacement would be hard to find.

I decided I'd wasted enough time, I needed to just get a stop-gap replacement immediately, I could resume the shopping search in a few months when I expected to have more free time.

You know the end of the story, I never resumed the search and I happily continued to use the watch I'd intended to be only a temporary replacement. It was perfectly suitable for my use and I realized that that destroyed watch wasn't something I couldn't live without. I did just fine without it. And since then, when my watch breaks (and they always do eventually), I look forward to a new experience with a new watch.

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