Difference Between BM Contractor Grade Paint & BM Top of the Line

trudymomJanuary 29, 2007

Do you know what the difference between Benjamin Moore Contractor Grade Paint and Benjamin Moore Top of the Line Paint? When I called Benjamin Moore to ask, they said they are the same.

Thank you!!

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The difference between contractor grade and top of the line for any paint company is the same. The two main reasons for the difference is quality and price. Paint in general is one of those 'you get what you pay for' sort of products. The main thing when it comes to quality of paint is the volume of solids in the paint. I'll try not to be too technical, but what that means is the more volume solids in a paint, the better it performs concerning coverage, sheen level, color consistancy and color retention. The main solid in paint that makes it good is Titanium Dioxde; that is the pigment. The amount of this pigment is directly responsible for the price, color and coverage. This is the most expensive ingredient in the paint, which is what drives the cost. More money for a can of paint doesn't alway make it better, however. There are other factors involved. When it comes to paying for a name like Ben Moore, SW or others; there is a reason why most are not in large homecenters. The independent stores and dealers control the spectrum of pricing depending mostly on the 'type' of customer. How it normally works is (loosely) homeowners=full price, contractors or volume customers= discounted price. Homeowners or low volume-type customers SHOULD go to 'big box' retailers, because they are already selling on a volume price.I believe consumers really have to stop shopping for the overpriced paint in the marketplace that hide behind their names; with really no new technology added to their products (besides increased pricing) for the last hundred years.
You kind of got a good feel for the types I am speaking of by the answer you recieved over the phone!! Do yourself a favor, go to Home Depot,if you can, and purchase a can of Glidden Ultra Hide or Evermore (high volume solids) and you'll be amazed on how good it is and how much money you saved. If you want to spend a little more, buy the Ralph Lauren; that stuff is unbelievable.
Can you tell what I do for a living?!?

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Hi "ICI Dave" and Trudy!

I work at a fairly busy ACE/independant hardware store that has a big Home-Decor component. We go through TONS of ACE paint; but also sell a lot of Ralph Lauren (more than the HD in town!) and our C2 line is slowly ramping up ($40-$48/gal).
* I agree, Ralph Lauren is a nice paint. I've got "Brittany-Blue" in our family-room. Seems like every day we make some Cottonwood, #TH29. Just did an order the other day that had about 12 gal's of various RL, & some C2 colors!
* I just placed an order for a few hundred gallons of RL to get a special qty.-discount promo. Might last us through June. Comes up from Texas I guess.
* The ONLY "contractor"-grades we even bother with is an ACE-produced line for apartment re-do's; and the occasional person who thinks paint over $15/gal is a rip-off! We sell very little of it! Paints in "this" class cause more problems than they solve.
* Trudymom...try to avoid the low-line stuff. It's never worth it.


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Thank you Faron and icidave for the explanation of why buying the better grade of paint is always worth it. I try to buy quality since I want my walls to look nice and hold up well.

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The paint store that I go to (frequented by lots of pros) told me that the main difference in BM contractor grade and regal is that Regal will cover more colors in one coat than the contractor grade. Since I was painting over a light colored wall I went with the less expensive paint and found it very nice to use, personally I like BM paints better than any paint that I have purchased at Home Depot or Lowes.

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As a commercial and industrial painting contractor, I find that top brand paint stores offer more for our money than the cheaper prices at the "big box" stores. For us, pricing is one thing but service is the most important. The quality is there with most brands. This is based more by what product is specified on the plans. Job specifications can specify anything from whitewash (Contracrtor grade)up to Regal (top of line). Retail: that is $9.00/gal to $52.00gal.

But to have a paint rep from the store call or come by and assist with issues or conditions - that is hard to put find at a "big box", nor would I take their advise in most cases, if I had issues. In addition, brand paint stores will deliver just about anything straight to our job or shop - no extra cost - for us. Some areas may not offer delivery - we are luck, we have many paint stores around here that deliver.

Is price important - yes - it is based on what you bid, or for homeowners what you want or can afford.

Is Service important - YES YES! I can't put a price on real service.

Just my thoughts.

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won't go into a long detail either,

just short and sweet. Didn't read through all the other info, but I can't emphasize enough about using higher volume solids in your paint. I have mentioned this time and time again. Makes all the difference . As ICIdave has also mentioned. :)

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