Curtain for a window next to a wall

chickenlips87February 4, 2013

I read the other discussions about hanging curtains, and I am all for hanging curtains high and wide. Unfortunately, one of the windows in my bedroom is right against the wall, with only 2 inches or so between the trim and the wall. I suppose I could take off the finial on the side by the wall, but that still doesn't leave room for the curtain to open all the way. I was also thinking I could gather the curtain on the side that is not by the wall, but this would look unbalanced. Does anyone have suggestions on the best way to handle this situation? Thank you! I appreciate the help!

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So much depends on the situation, so a photo of the area would help.

Speaking generally, with two inches of wall and probably three inches of trim, you might have stackback room for drapes in a lighter fabric.

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Is it like this, chickenlips? This is our small "study" in our new house which hasn't been decorated yet (needs new rug, WT, furniture...) but is low on my priority list. This room, and dd's and ds's rooms upstairs all have this annoying feature. In our house it was necessary to preserve the classic symmetry of our front facade, with the constraints of our staircase which is on the other side of the left wall. We are fortunate that the dining room, on the other side of the staircase and wide foyer, has symmetrical windows. That room is very prominently located in the house and it would have driven me nuts! Anyway...I had always thought in my head that I would do a pair of panels on the right window, and one panel with the finial dying into the wall on the left side. I figured there was no way to "hide" the asymmetry. I was planning to work with a designer to make sure, buf have really pushed this project own my list! Don't want to hi-
jack, but will be following this thread closely!

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How about bamboo shades or roman shades?

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@ nini
Yes! That is exactly how my bedroom windows are situated, only mirror opposite. Looks like we have the same situation. I need to get my curtains done before we move up to the bedroom, so I can't put this project off too much... I can post a picture of the finished product if you are interested when I finally get it done.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I am set on curtains. I bought the material and am in the process of making some. I just need to figure out how to hang them on the weird window.

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Here is a picture of how my bedroom is set up.

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So will you be using the curtains for privacy? What type of rods/construction are you thinking? In my children's rooms upstairs, I just did plantation shutters for privacy, and am just now thinking of decorative curtains for dd. You could do some type of hard valance at the top, which could cover the rods and might make it look a little more balanced. I have pretty much decided with mine that there is no way to make them appear symmetrical, so I am just hoping that the fabric and style of treatments I do will be lovely enough that people will overlook the wonkyness! :)

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Hi Chickenlips...You can do one panel with a tie back to the wall side. For the rod use a end cap butting to the wall and a finnial on the other side. I think ellendi suggestions of using a Roman Shade is a good idea. For a little more character have it made as a hobbled or waterfall. I included a link to a pic of what the drapery might look like.

Here is a link that might be useful: Narrow drape

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I think I would be tempted to get a rod that turns the corner so a small part of the drapery covers the corner and trim of the window, but the rest stacks to the side.

Might solve the problem, or might look even more unbalanced. I feel for you guys.

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Here's a picture I found of a room that has the same problem.

Spaces design by Charlotte Interior Designer Donna Frasca

I think the OP in the other thread mentioned that she didn't like these rods, but I find that they are quite pretty in their simplicity and the attention is on the drapery instead of the rod.

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Wow, why would anyone intentionally make those windows so off center? That is a hard one to make the window coverings look right. I would like to see some pics when you get done.

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May I just say that I really really dislike the men who design/build houses with windows like this! Wat the #*%� were they thinking? (That is a rhetorical question-I know they are planning the exterior look when they do this, but it is still stupid). We have several as well. Love the house, hate the placement of several windows. We have no window treatments since privacy is not an issue with those windows, but I think I would go with a shade.

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I can see it happening on a spec house, but I don't understand why anyone would think it was a good idea on a home they had custom built. It looks cheap and poorly planned. Worth keeping in mind for anyone who will be building or remodeling.

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My bedroom has a similar issue. My windows are close to the wall but unlike your situation, the windows are spaced evenly. I used curved rods from Penney's and they look fine. I like rods with finials better but they would never work.

In fact I posted a few days ago asking if it would be okay if, in another bedroom, I used a curved rod for a cramped corner window and used a straight rod with finials for the other windows. Didn't get too many responses to the post.

You have two issues - balance and space. Curved rods solve the space issue but I don't know what you would do about the balance.

Here is a link that might be useful: Curved curtain rod

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Thank you all for your responses! You have given me a lot of good things to consider. My curtains would be for privacy. I was set against blinds because I really dislike the ones with the string that pulls them up and down; although I have to say, the waterfall roman shades don't seem too bad. I prefer the way curtains look though too, so I'm pretty set on trying something with the curtains whether it be a success or failure!

I am intrigued by this curved rod idea. It would be interesting if it were possible to have a curved rod on the side by the wall and a finial on the other side.

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Why can't you put one rod across both windows and draw the drapes to the middle when you want them open?

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I hung them in the corner like that picture in a former house and I think it is kind of neat. I got lots of compliments on it when we had the house on the market. House sold quick but I doubt it had a lot to do with the curtains. ;-)

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The only other thing I can add is fabric selection.Choose a fabric close to the wall color-it will downplay the drape. this is a tough one.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Arrrgh.... i get so frustrated as I know exactly what I want to show you, but I can't find a picture that shows it....

Anyway, here's as close as I can come and this example isn't great, but perhaps it will give you an idea. Please ignore the floppy contrasting top on this example...

Instead of using a curtain rod, which you don't like, you can mount finials to the wall so they cover the entire window and hang like a tab-top curtain, or here they used large curtain rings, off the finials. (For a more country look, I've seen people use antique glass door knobs.) Then use a hook or a knob or a tie back to pull the curtains to one side for the daytime, and just unhook them for privacy at night.

Otherwise, in your pic, you do have room to mount a regular curtain rod and put a stationary valance across the top and then hide a shade ...roller, duette...behind it, or you can put a woven wood shade under it. You could use either a gathered one or a flat one.

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I think the suggestion to have the curtains draw to the middle when open is a great idea. If you are just going to slide them open and closed you could use a single rod. If you are using an actuall traverse rod I think you would need two rods with one being a right draw and the other being a left draw. Drawing them to the middle would allow maximum light in during the day because no fabric would be covering part of the window glass. If you want a valance with your curtains, you could make it one long one to stretch across both windows.

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You could consider using swing arm curtain rods - either one wide one or two narrower ones per window. The one for the corner window could be mounted on the side wall and swung open to rest agains the side wall. Since both sides of the drape show when you use the swing arm rods, you'll want the back side of the drape to be nice fabric too.

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That swing arm idea is very cool! You would have to leave a clearance when putting furniture on that wall, but it is certainly one option. Also, you would't want white lining, which could affect how the curtains look from outside.

Your builder was just plain sloppy. I understand the window problem but your heat registers are very badly placed. There is no excuse for that. smh

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I think I am going to go with the one long rod across both the windows and open the curtains in the middle. I really like that idea! I saw in a blog that I can even just spray paint electrical conduit for the rod (see below). Then I am going to put a plant or tapestry or something to stop the line of vision on the left side of the left window to make the windows look more balanced. I will post a picture when we are done.

Again, thank you so much for all the responses and ideas! I am learning a lot about the options available for this unfortunate space issue. The swinging curtain rods do look really cool and the idea to use finials instead of a curtain rod seems really nice too!

Here is a link that might be useful: DIY Curtain Rod

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I'll be looking forward to seeing it finished. It's either going to look great or it will look funny, lol. Maybe you should find some way to hang them in that spot temporarily, before you go to the trouble of installing the single rod?

You could tack (with push pins) them onto a long 1 x 2 and get others to hold each end up so you can get an idea.

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I haven't seen chickenlips exterior, but I have seen Nini's.

It is drop dead gorgeous and the perfect symmetry of her beautiful Georgian home is well worth the sacrifice of a couple of off center windows.

But, I am a sucker for symmetry (and beautiful quilts).

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Personally I think the window treatments in the link I posted below are absolutely hideous. However - note how they manage to take your eye away from the fact that the window butts up to the side wall.

I have a window like that in my home and when we moved in the previous homeowner had installed a window treatment that did the same thing in a much simpler manner. It was merely a canopy with 2 side panels. The height of the canopy and the fact that it protruded into the room minimized the wall next to the window. Wish I had a photo to show you but that was 25 years ago. Now that I think of it the canopy resembled a simple bed crown.

Here is a link that might be useful: window treatment

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Wow Quilly, I've never seen that done. It does trick the eye for a minute, but I could never live with it, lol.

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Here is the final product!

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And another picture.

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Here is one more!

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How do YOU like it?

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I like the fullness in the last pic you posted. Any way you could get more panels and add the same number on the empty sides (in the last pic) of the windows? I think the color looks terrific with your comforter and walls, but I think the curtains do need to be a little fuller to look their best.

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Agree, you need at least two more panels.

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Beautiful color! I agree about adding more panels to make the curtains fuller. Also a beefier curtain rod would help. I would even lower the rods a bit.

Put a picture between the two windows so it won't look so jarring when the curtains are closed.

A tall houseplant or a tall and narrow piece of furniture in the corner would look great there, and will mask the oddness of the window placements.

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Sorry but that just doesn't look right. If you are going to go that route, I think I would put the rod across the whole wall and make it a curtain wall. I think it also looks too high. The color does look good with your comforter.

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I'm beginning to think that the solution is to take the builder to the woodshed before he does it again.

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