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blackcats13November 10, 2008

So it's what? A couple weeks until Thanksgiving? And we found out this weekend that DH whole family (3 adults and a kid) will be staying with us that extended weekend. I am happy about that, but there is no way they are staying in the ground-in-dirty guest rooms that we haven't done anything with yet. SO. Several hundred dollars later we've bought all the supplies we need, and gotten a lot of free paint from the paint recycle center. Things need to be moved around, walls need to be prepped, primed and painted. The drywall NEEDS TO BE FINISHED in the kids room. Etc Etc. And we both work full time =D

This evening curiosity won out over the to-do list. The front entrance has gross orange and brown sheet vinyl that is coming up around the edges and cracking. In the area it's coming up the most we saw 2 loose tiles, 1 is a bright pink and 1 is grey. We couldn't stand it anymore, like 2 kids in a candy shop we pulled off the crappy molding and pulled up the sheet vinyl.

WOW!!! Smallish checkerboard pink and grey tiles! Vinyl? Linoleum? Asbestos? =D We were lucky that the sheet vinyl was only glued around the edges, the tile is in nearly perfect condition. This will at least get us through until we can get to the wood floor underneath!

I charged the camera battery for 5 minutes just so I could take pics, but we can't find the card reader, so I'll post those later. Oh the fun of an old house. Almost makes up for having to replace the water heater!

Here is a link that might be useful: Old floor

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It's the little surprises & curiosities that keep old house people thriving! Once DH & I found a patio under 9" of soil & were so excited we dug it out while waiting for DH's parents to arrive from out of town to see the 'new' house. Needless to say, when they got there, we were filthy & standing in front of a crumbling, uninhabitable house - & the look on their faces said it all: you need to be committed! But we were elated over finding a 150 year old patio that hadn't been seen in over 20 years.

I look forward to seeing your pink & grey tiles & whatever other surprises await.

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Theres nothing like company coming to inspire the completion of projects! (or at least the attempt, lol)
I'm glad you are excited about your pink and grey tiles. I hope that they are in good shape. I just saw on hgtv lisa laporta cover up some that were in perfect condition on a bathroom floor and it was a real shame. I think that she should have chosen a paint color to make the bathroom seem more modern and updated instead of putting junk over perfectly good a thousand time more interesting tiles. I ususally enjoy that show, but I had to turn it off that time! And of course on another program they are installing the exact same tile for an edgy retro look. Go figure.

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Finally! After charging the battery, searching for the cable, getting annoyed by my lack of understanding of Mac iPhoto, and remembering how to upload to Flickr, here are the pictures!

A patio! Wow, that would be a find! I've often thought about what the next owners of this house will think of our changes. "Ugh! Who would want... xyz" as they curse what we did and put it all back the way we found it! I saw (linked here) a great picture of a pink bathroom where they had painted the walls a shade of brown that really made the whole room work.

Here is a link that might be useful: Foyer floors

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I could be wrong, but that looks like old fashioned linoleum. Very cute!

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Hi blackcats13. I agree with cosmikcat, that the foyer floor looks like linoleum. Those folks weren't afraid of color, were they. Pink & grey was very popular in the late 50s & early 60s (think felt skirts w/pink poodles on them. There was also a Formica in pink & grey in a boomerang pattern, I think), so your floor could date from then.

Linoleum needs to be waxed with linoleum wax/polish (which comes in a liquid; Armstrong makes one) to protect it from wet/water. It takes a buffing beautifully.

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Oh yeah, that is really fun! And so much better than the orange and brown vinyl. Thanks for sharing the pictures, I always love to see discoveries in old houses. Enjoy!

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Thanks for the tips! I will add it to the to-do list ;) I agree, it is rather fun and we plan to keep it for awhile!

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