Wondering if primer is needed...

mrspackrat800January 2, 2011

Our general contractor, in lieu of trimming our doors and windows in pre-finished white, used normal wood trim and had it painted with exterior grade satin white paint (and it's definately an exterior only grade paint not an interior/exterior).

It's a horrible shocking white and we need to repaint it. My question is, do I need to primer over it or would this type of paint act like primer and I can just paint normal latex wood paint over it?

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You should be able to paint over it. I would give it a quick sand if it has been painted for a month or longer.

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Thanks, I hope that our contractor will rectify his mistake. I never heard of painting interior trim with exterior paint. The white is so severe even our professional painter and our designer thought the wood was just primed. Sounds like we will have to sand it before painting it then because it's been over a month.

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Use Exterior paint INSIDE is of no consequence at all.

YES...definitely scuff-sand with ~ 100-grit to thoroughly dull the surface.


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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Use Exterior paint INSIDE is of no consequence at all.

If you ignore the VOC's and mildewcide's

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