Is there such a thing as self leveling drywall primer

obrionusaJanuary 4, 2012

My next project is my kitchen followed by my bathroom. Both have had the wallpaper removed and repainted in the past. The walls arent very smooth and you can see a lot of brush strokes. I plan to spackle and sand the best I can. Is there a primer I can use to help hide the imperfections in the walls? I'm actually thinking of hitting it real quick with an orbital sander. What you think? What grit sandpaper if I do use a sander?

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No such thing for VERTICAL surfaces!!

Unfortunately, skimming a cleaned/bumpy wall after priming with Gardz, or an Oil primer, is still the best/only/fastest way.

This DOES take practice, and I'd recommend it hired-out. An experienced person at this won't need to apply as much much mud...thereby minimizing final sanding. Done well, it WILL add $$$ to your home, so there is a payback!

You'd be so pooped-out, bought so much sandpaper, and created a decent mess...that you'd probably be $$$/time ahead hiring this out!!


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I was waiting until one of the pros on this forum answered. Speaking as an amateur, I would advise against using an orbital sander on your walls. You are likely to take the paper cover off and end up in worse shape than when you started.

Skim coating is the answer, and hiring someone to do it is your best bet. I watched a guy do it, asked a lot of questions and learned how to do it. But someone who can do it well will do it with far less sanding and dust.

If you are going to do this yourself, do some reading on skim coating. You want joint compound, not spackle. Spackle is for holes. And you want to sand by hand, not a machine.

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