Painting very fine detailed trim...

MeanNgreenJanuary 2, 2014

Hello all

Well I started building a table a thought trim looked nice so bought it from home depot and glued on. Fits nicely and looks good but attempted to paint a scrap extra piece and the paint fills parts of the carving drowning some detail and does not look uniform. Any ideas on how to tackle this..?


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What sort of brush and paint are you using?

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Here is an actual pic. Bought brush from Wal-Mart. Most expensive 2 inch. Was gonna use the latex paint builders used on my house for trim.
The rest was primed using a water based primed.

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Maybe try a 1/2 inch or maybe 1 inch brush and use only a small amount of paint. You will need to do mulitple coats.

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If you spray the paint, this won't fill in the detail work as much.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I would suggest a smaller brush, painting it with almost a dry brush to minimize the filling of the stamping, and then going over it with a dark stain or glaze and then wiping it off... the dark will catch in the indents so they actually show, otherwise you won't see them anyway.

You can also try watering down the paint some to thin it, brush it on and then pat it with a paper towel to blot up the excess paint in the indents.

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You could try a base coat of clear acrylic varnish, then sand lightly. I think this will help keep the wood from absorbing the paint. Then use a foam brush, and lay on two very thin coats.

Also, you could 'wipe' the trim with a contrasting color - to show off the detail.

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Thanks for your suggestions. You guys are great !

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