Elastomeric Roof Coatings

columbusguy1November 20, 2011

My garage is ninety years old or so, and has had rolled roofing applied several times, but recently I lost part of it to winds, and my last roofer said that it shoud be entirely redone due to the condition of the decking boards, etc. Well, I can't afford a new roof, and the garage also leans a bit--has done that since I bought the house in '87, and it hasn't moved since--so I can't sink a lot of money into it.

My question is this: would an elastomeric coating seal up the roof, if I use something like the self-sealing ice membrane for the larger leaks underneath first?

If I had the insurance company come out to see the garage, would they pay to have it rebuilt, without a claim having been made?

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What is the roof slope? Was the roll roofing double coverage? Who installed it?

Patching is always temporary and adds to the long term cost so it should be for the purpose of buying time.

An elastomeric coating can only as good as the substrate which I doubt would be appropriate from your brief description.

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