(LOL) The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree!

lynninnewmexicoFebruary 1, 2014

As many of you know, there was a terrible fire at my daughter's sorority house two weeks ago. As a result, all 80 girls had to be relocated quickly. The university and the national branch of their sorority were fantastic in getting them moved into furnished 4-bedroom campus apartments. But "furnished" to my sweet daughter does not mean the same thing as "livable". It's become increasingly apparent these past two weeks that Emily has inherited all of my decorating and cooking sensibilities . . . or craziness, depending on which way you look at it!

I've been getting phone calls and emails ever since they've moved in. Apparently, her sister-housemates don't have a smidge of the decorating or cooking bug between them, so they've asked her to decorate their apartment and to help them decorate their bedrooms, as well.

First, I get a call, "OMG Mom, there is not one lamp in this entire place! How can they expect it to be homey with just these awful overhead lights?!". So, out she goes and buys three new lamps to replace the ones of hers destroyed in the fire. And some for their living room as well. (BTW, our insurance is paying for all of her things to be replaced that were ruined in the fire)

Next, there was nothing on the walls, and being my daughter, this kid has been raised with lots of art around her! So, she's been making the rounds to places like Kirklands and Hobby Lobby, with and without her sisters, to buy art for their walls. Of course, everything she buys is on a budget, but she's done a darn good job for an almost-20 y/o. She cracked me up with her , "OMG Mom, they have absolutely no design sense! They wanted me to hang these (framed ) prints halfway up to the ceiling! They have no idea about proportion and balance!"

Next they went out and bought dishes, and a few pots and pans as they'd been living off paper products and Easy Mac. Emily's now trying to teach them how to cook and plan healthful meals. "But, of course, I had to go out and buy herbs, spices and olive oil first, Mom". LOL!

We did replace her ruined bedding with the same patterns. Thankfully her rug, towels and curtains were ok once all the soot and ash were washed out of them.

She had me send her an old cream colored matelassé bedspread of ours to use as a sofa cover, though, as their sofa looked like it was upholstered "with old motel carpeting". I'm sure that it was fine, just not the girls' favorite. I also sent them a couple of old but wonderfully soft rose colored throw pillows to use on it. The girls' inspiration for this place is everything Lilly Pulitzer (think tropical pinks, greens, yellows, blues, etc.).

Yesterday DD called to ask if 2 tropical looking throw pillows she found on Etsy (and were on sale with free shipping) could be her Valentines Day presents from her dad and myself, as their living room still needs more things to add color and comfort.That's my girl, always thinking decorating! I said yes. It's better ~ and more healthful~ than a box of chocolates.

With all of this, you'd think she was fast-tracking to a degree in interior design. She could be but, nope. She has her heart set on becoming a clinical psychologist, but is not ruling out family practice like her dad. Shaking my head!

OK, one more funny to share with you all. Last week she called me up to complain about their apartment's stove. "Mom, we have the weirdest stove here! At first I thought it was broken because I could NOT get the flames to come up. But it's some bizarre coil stove and there aren't any flames! Those coils just get really red and hot and you cook on that!". Now, I have nothing against electric stoves whatsoever, but we've never had one since before Emily was born. I guess she's never seen one at any of her friend's homes either. I've been chuckling over that one all week!

If I get a minute, I'll post a couple of pics of all Emily's efforts. I tell you, it's not bad for an almost-20 year old.

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She'll have the best decorated psychologist's office around - and clients will love it!

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GREAT story!!! Just loved it!

The lamp part of the story was the BEST!! And yes!! she is SO right! And the electric stove story was hilarious too!

Yes -- I do agree that in the future -- she will be able to offer a warm and comfortable office environment for her patients!

Thanks for sharing -- made my day! :)

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Great story. The coil stove reminds me of what some children will think of land line telephones.

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How wonderful that the girls are getting settled into their new home. I hope all of this upheaval doesn't have a negative effect on their grades. The electric stove story is hysterical. I'm always amused at the unexpected gaps in a young person's knowledge. They seem so wise and learned about many things, then suddenly a gap will appear and remind me of their youth and inexperience.

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What a wonderful story and warms my heart to read it.
Of course she is going to take after you, Lynn.
Style, graciousness and a good heart is all she's ever known.
You've done good, Mom!

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I love that story, I had the almost exact experience with my granddaughter calling me about her first appt. In no time her friends were calling too. Her's looks really good now.

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Love the electric coil story! Sounds like something my DD would say.

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Great story! Looking forward to the pictures.

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Holly- Kay

Great story! You must be so proud of her! My oldest DD loves decorating and my Youngest DD did a great job picking everything when she renovated her Yia Yia's home last year.

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Yes, please post pics. It sounds like she is quickly putting the fire behind her..good for her and the other girls.

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I didnt know about the fire-- omg! But what great spirit your daughter has .. in addition to her talents! Love that she had to get olive oil and spices.. and I laughed aloud at the story about the stove!

And on a very personal note-- thank you so much for all your insight on new mexico. I had no idea what you were dealing with and certainly my vacation plans could have waited. Your generosity with your time is touching.. all my best for your daughter through the rest of the semester!

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How does she keep up her grades with all of those distractions? When I was in nursing school, I didn't have time to do anything beside study. And still, I often only got three or four hours sleep, especially before clinicals. She must be great at time management! Or have a photographic memory?! I am impressed!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Sounds like she's having a great time expressing herself after all the trauma. So glad to hear they are recovering nicely. The electric stove story is a hoot!

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Loved these stories, Lynn!! Look how well she's doing, turning this around…you & your hubby must be very proud of her. The electric stove story had me LOL!

We gave our DD an older (but nice) loveseat of ours for an apt when she was in college & she & her roommates staple gunned sheets to it as a slipcover!! I love when our kids are resourceful.

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What a cute-funny story! Your daughter sounds like a special girl--like her mom!

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I was wondering how she was doing, great stories Lynn. My favorite is the stove. I think it is great that the girls are all willing to learn from her!

My DD is living in a suite at college. She is plain miserable with the messy, inconsiderate girls she lives with. Just trying to get through the rest of the year.

Beth P.

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What a great story. She is one of us, for sure.

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Sorry I didn't get back here sooner, but our internet went out yesterday and was just fixed 15 minutes ago.

Glad you all enjoyed the update on Emily. Yes, I'll be chuckling about her "Coil stove incident" for months, I know!

Although I don't have many pics of her actual apartment without the other girls in them, here are some that I do have.

Her Pottery Barn Teen bedding (duvet, shams, sheet set, etc). This is NOT a pic of her room, but from their catalog. But it will give you an idea of her taste and decorating direction.

Her new art work for her bedroom:

Her table from Target. This is a replacement for the exact same one she had before in her room at the sorority house that was burned in the fire:

PB throw pillows for her bed:

New bedroom lamp, although she is planning on getting a new smaller shade in black. We both think this one is too big for it. She told me she thinks this lamp is versatile enough to last her through many years of grad school, apartments and in a variety of room. I love her practicality!

Her bathroom. She says the rug is pink, although it looks orange-ish on my monitor.:

The girls shared living room:

New throw pillows from Etsy tto go on their cream colored matelassé covered sofa:

And finally, another piece of art she bought for their living room, which speaks volumes about the bonds of sisterhood and between these close sisters:


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