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snowballeffectFebruary 7, 2013

I'm struggling with what rug to purchase to go with our new furniture. I am including a pic of new chairs and table plus the chairs in the show room with one rug we are considering. The rug is dark and the designs in it match the colors in the chair perfectly. I don't feel the patterns clash because the rug is muted. Our couch and ottoman (not yet delivered) are going to be dark brown with matching patterned throw pillows. I am afraid the rug may make the room too dark with the dark couch, ottoman, TV stand and end table.
The sales person at the furniture store rec the lighter version of the rug to contrast the dark furniture. See picture. I'm not sure the colors work and am afraid the pattern is too much in this rug.

Another option is a tan non-patterned rug, but one with texture. Maybe shag?

I'm also including a photo of the piano and art work that will hang above it.
The walls are BM bar harbor beige and my floors are natural wood.

Any advice will be appreciated! Thank you!

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This is the rug I'm considering

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This is the lighter version

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And this is some of the other furniture/decor in room.

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I'd go with the lighter one if that were the only choice but, personally, I think it's too similar to the chairs. Matching all the tones isn't always a good idea and the same for the art. Look for tones that are in the piece but not competing with the furniture. I'd prefer to see either the light blue or a light tan in the rug and not as bold. Is that your room in the background, if so you need some lighter influence so it won't feel so heavy.

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It's becomes difficult when you get conflicting ideas, but I prefer the dark rug, particularly with your light floors. However, I would not put that print in the room though as I agree with yaya that too much with the same tones or even patterns become trite. Perhaps look for a painting/print that has some orange and/or red in it along with others colors. Maybe go to and search for something that moves you emotionally.

Also, would you consider separating the chairs by just another 6" or so so they still encourage conversation but provide a bit of breathing room? The angle seems fine but it reads squished on-line.

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I'd recommend a frieze or shag in ivory.

You can go to your local carpet store and have one made to size and bound. This is what we did and we LOVE it.

Looking at the rug you are considering, I feel like you are repeating too much of the same pattern/color in the room. (with the chairs, pillows, painting...) You need something to break it up.

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Ooh, I forgot about the matching pillows. Great point, Janice! I'd ditch those in a heartbeat and use the ivory textured on at least one sofa pillow and not necessarily the rug, says the lady with an ivory moroccan in her LR. But my selections are more tone on tone with patterns and colors in art. I'd definitely break up that expanse of pattern on the chairs with a solid bolster in each. If you're hesitating about the contemporary rug keep searching for one which ties the various components together without repeating the riff.

See, you can never please everybody, so OP you really need to figure out what makes you happy.

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Okay, you all have given me something to think about! I am leaning toward ditching both rugs and moving toward something without any pattern.
Janice- I like your idea about a frieze or shag but I am afraid ivory will be too light as we have 2 black dogs and 2 kids. Need I say more? :)
abundant blessings- You are right, the chairs are a bit squished. It is a pretty small room and also pretty dark so I am trying to position the chairs to allow one of the blinds to be opened behind each chair. I was able to pull the chairs apart a little bit, and it does look better!
I see your and yaya's point about the art. I am trying to pull in some of the color of the piano (thorn in my side!) with the rest of the room and I thought the picture helped w/ that. I wasn't really thinking of orange and reds, as I was leaning more toward browns, blue, and green.
I will have to see how the throw pillows look on the long brown couch, but I have a feeling you are right and there is just going to be too much pattern going on in there! Thanks so much for your input!

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I actually like the dark rug, but would hold off on artwork until you have all the other things that are bigger in place. I'm not a match match person, but your pillows might look very cohesive with your chairs, and then perhaps a solid rug would be better. Could you do a taupe type rug in either shag or something else forgiving since you have dogs & kids?

Would a mirror work above your piano? Does that area reflect anything pretty?

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I don't see any pillows for some reason, maybe another thread? I like the chairs with the dark rug, don't think it's too much the same, but would not have the artwork coordinate so much.

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With two children and two black dogs, I'd be thinking practicality so I'm back to my original vote on the 1st dark rug. Shags, dogs and little people aren't the best combo, nor are light solids. Even dark solids will show more wear and tear than I'd like, but then that's 'cuz I don't like to vacuum everyday. If you look at the back of the dark sofa in the store and block off the cream one on the rug, you may get a feel for what your new brown leather will look like. Will the store let you try out the rug for a day once your sofa is delivered? Many stores will as long as it's returned as delivered. You can find the art later after the big pieces are in place. Sounds like you've ordered the print pillows already. You can avoid the matchy-matchy look by adding some vivid complementary solid throw pillows perhaps to the sofa.

It will be beautiful -- you just have to give yourself a bit of time to experiment.

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I like the dark rug with the chairs. The painting, not so much.

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