Builder says No Prime needed

ras9999January 30, 2011

Have a new house.

Builder plans to use SuperSpec Benjamin paint.

Its a brand new house with semi-smooth (Old World) texture.

He plans to spray paint and claims no priming or anything is needed.

Any advice? He claims he has done this for 30years and this is correct.

Need your help and advice.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Fire him and get a real contractor

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I actually just decided to prime my first new construction job in about 25 years. I never used to prime. But, flat paints look so bad these days when painting directly over a surface that is not completely sealed, I feel as if I no longer have a choice. The reason new construction painters do not spec the primer coat is because builders generally do not want to pay for it and in order to remain competitive in that niche, everything is about the bottom line. My opinion is that you don't gain much by using a primer when your finish coat is flat. Sure, it looks a little better but probably not so much that some homeowner is going to notice. If your walls are textured, then the primer is even less important because the texture itself will conceal some of the flashing you may get when using a flat paint without primer. Expect to pay more if you ask for the painter to prime.

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What Chrisn said...100% EXACT.

The ONLY thing most Builders'/GC's understand is COST....i.e., HOW TO DO IT THE CHEAPEST.

Super-Spec gets into a category that can be CALLED paint...
It's the low-end "Contractor's-grade". If you're reading between the lines here, fill in "CHEAP".

Sad truth is...some painters out there, and MOST GC's, ESPECIALLY ones who primarily deal in "New construction" painting, wouldn't know a top-notch job if it bit-'em-in-the-A$$.

Knowing what I know NOW...I'd fire that painter so fast it'd make your head spin. People in many lines of work tend to do things the same way. If results are OK, it tends to be perceived as "right", so why change?! Thankfully, products and methods evolve! As humans, we're slower to change, and tend NOT to see advances. Pretty soon, we're waaaaayyy behind the people on the cutting edge.

>>> The KEY to subsequent paint-jobs down the road is...How good the lowest layer of paint/primer is adhered. It's just like a roofing job...
>>> TECHICALLY....the BEST way to do walls is-
1) Make sure ALL dust is gone.
2) Prime with a good primer like 123. PVA's are OK if applied full enough. Can be sprayed on, but IDEALLY backrolled for best adhesion/contact.
3) Spray/apply any texture layers.
4) Prime AGAIN. Texture on a wall is still pretty porous and needs to be sealed off from the finish paint.
5) Finish paints' applied.

This is the "BEST-PRACTICES" scenario. It WILL double (or more) any painting costs built into a homes' quote.

The result though?!
The absolute BEST/MOST DURABLE foundation for the 1st (and subsequent!!!) coats of paint in a home.

I'd let them do the "cheap" job. It's in your contract anyway. BUT...go in with the mindset of "I'm gonna re-prime/double-coat everything with REAL paint anyway".


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I honestly can't beleive what I'm reading from you guys on this one. Fire the contractor for what? It's the industry that dictates what this painter uses, not him! Sure, there may be a chance that he is some hack that doesn't understand the purpose of priming, but we certainly cannot determine that here on the internet about some guy we have never met!

Recommending that some guy be fired for doing nothing wrong on the internet is way over the top. This is a real persons livelihood at stake here. Geeeez! Ask him to use a damn primer....problem solved.

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Fair enough point PG.

I very well realize it's someone's livelihood. It's just so ignorant to say it's "Correct"...."because that's the way I've always done it". It's just plain wrong.

PG-You're correct...He's DONE nothing "wrong". His perception/attitude is what's wrong.

Find out how much more you'd be charged for a GOOD primer, and/or a better paint line.
Bottom line, it's YOUR money/home. You should at least get some choices. Yes, it will cost more. In the long run, you'll be much happier.


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It's kind of sad to see what the "Industry standards" have de-volved into. Many Builders/GC's are driven to build something as cheap as possible. Then people scream when stuff starts going wrong, not holding-up, etc..

It's just a sad, vicious circle!

Getting off my soapbox now...

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Thanks everyone.
Going from Super Select to Natura or Aura is about 2K to 3K upgrade he said. He doesn't want to entertain the prime first idea (guess too much time/labor).

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I don't know about you Paintguy, but something about this painters' apparent "priming resistance" just doesn't seem right.
I realize I don't know the complete interaction(s) that have taken place. As a painter though, why would you not be at least trying to sell possible upgrades here?!?!?


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Yep, as we keep getting more info, that seems to be the case. It's still true though that some new construction guys don't do much else, and they can be in business for 30 years easily and never learn what primer is for or when it's best to be used, especially if you are only painting textured walls.

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I implore you to do more "due diligence" here.
It's your $$, and you're getting THE ABSOLUTE minimum possible paintjob.

Read Paintguy's previous post 10 times. It should start to sink in.
>>> Most builders do things the absolute cheapest way possible...ESPECIALLY when it comes to the paintjob. Your builder is barely doing THAT!


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