Have you heard of ZillowDigs to help estimate remodeling costs?

islandFebruary 10, 2013

I've heard of Zillow, but not ZillowDigs http://www.zillow.com/digs/

until I read this blurb: http://money.cnn.com/2013/02/08/real_estate/home-remodeling-costs/index.html?iid=SF_PF_Lead

Supposedly ZillowDigs helps estimate cost of remodeling in your area depending on the project, size and style you're going for.

Curious of what you think, because on quick glance these estimates look really low to me. I'd kill to get some of these kitchens and baths for so cheap!

Or are they pretty accurate and I'm in Ripoffland?

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I saw those yesterday, and I also thought they looked crazily low. I saw a high-end kitchen with a 48" range (looked like it might have been Wolf), and they said something like $27,000. Their prices for each component seemed really, really low. Maybe I also live in rip-off land, but you'd pay double what most of those estimates were where I live.

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Yes that site is way off base. Only a handful of kitchens in the luxury category and none are over 92K. No way. A small single range kitchen with nice finishes, but no significant structural or plumbing changes is at least 80K.

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It's hard to tell if the estimates are reasonable. At least one kitchen appeared to be IKEA and laminate, but who could really know? A couple were inset cabinets which were very nice, but overall, cabinet and countertop prices seemed low to me. The breakdown on labor costs made me really glad we did mostly DIY. Why does it cost $1300 to install appliances?

Here's my take-away: I really, really want this shower:

Hmm, if we bump out the front wall and make a space about the size of our current MBR, that should do it. And we'll need a maid to vacuum the bathroom fuzz out of the loose rock every couple of days. Why didn't they cut a round hole in the floor to accommodate the round drain? Why did they put a drain there at all?

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This example seems to be way off: this has a 42 or 48" range plus matching hood. The MSRP for this combo is pretty fixed and would probably top 10K. The estimate is below that, even before the hidden refrigerator and dishwasher are taken into account.

They seem to be using percentages of home value, which leads to wildly bad estimates.

Here is a link that might be useful: Look at the range

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