Bubbling Ceiling Paint?

enamelstripperJanuary 10, 2007

Hi all, and compliments of the season to you.

A month ago we painted the interior of our house, ceilings included. IN the last 2 days we have had down-lighting installed. Last night we had a short but heavy thunderstorm. As you can see, there are a lot of variables. This morning, when examining the ceiling, I noticed bubbling on the paintwork. Is this always water-related? I am also aware that there is probably more heat now with the lighting, so am struggling to isolate the problem. Any ideas?

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Bubbling paint is not necessarily water related. I know because i had some areas of ceiling paint bubble last summer and there was no active water problem. Paint bubbling can simply be due to poor adhesion of the paint to the ceiling. This in turn could be caused by the weather (e.g., it was very humid when you painted), or it could simply be that the prior coat of paint was old and/or notwwell adhered either. In my case, the ceiling had not been paitned in many many years and was probably ready to peel off soon anyway. So when I added a coat of paint onto an already poor quality coat, it did not aheere well. In places I got bubbles (some of them large)within a week of painting. I also had not primed the ceiling. So I sanded the areas that had bubbled, applied a coat of primer, and repainted.

You dont say whether your bubbles are localized; if they are just in some areas of the ceiling, it could also be that those areas had water in the past, causing them to lose adhesion.

I dont think the lighting could have caused your bubbling. It probably was there beforehand but you only noticed it onces the lighting was in. That's my opinion anyway, I'm certainly not a professional painter.

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Great, thanks for all the info. There were some developments since. We noticed the localised section bulging during rainfall. I was concerned that ceiling would collapse and therefore pierced the ceiling board. No weater came out, but water was the problem. It was all soaked up by the installed insulation in the ceiling and was creating the weight. I found the guilty hole in the roof and am in the process of sorting it out. Turns out paint is not my biggest problem. The joys of living a house which is older than you. Take care!

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