Painting Linoleum???

chuckwagonJanuary 22, 2007

I caught the tailend of a spot on DIY that talked about painting linoleum for a quick fix. I basically caught that you use marine paint but that was about it. Does anyone know anything about this? We are planning to redo our son's bathroom sometime down the road but would love to make a quick/easy change if possible for now.

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Hi CW,
I wouldn't bother with this one! Some "marine" paints are kinda could buy a small bathrooms' qty of "lino" for what a qt. of good marine paint would cost.

Save your time & $ for the "real" flooring. Linoleum is kinda glossy, and marine paints need very good prep done to have the paints stick good. A qt. of Sikkens marine-varnish is at least $25/qt. It only goes up from there...


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I may have seen the same program or a similar one. The one I saw was for a temporary fix until they were ready to do a major overhaul of the kitchen. IIRC, they cleaned and rinsed well, then did a slight sanding (possibly with just a scrubby type pad). They applied one or two coats of a good bonding and hiding primer and then a couple coats of floor paint. I think it was topped with coats of poly to protect. It sounded as though it would last for the time they needed it to last. An inexpensive rug over the painted surface would probably also help and give it a little more interest.

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We tried this in our last home on a small laundry room as a quick fix. We spent a huge amount of time doing prep - cleaning with recommended cleaners, scuffing it ever so slightly, and priming. Then we painted it with floor paints in a checkerboard pattern. We sealed it with several coats of a floor sealer. (I forget all the details but there were at least half a dozen steps.)

After just a few weeks of use it started chipping. Besides being ugly, this made it hard to clean and keep clean.

We didn't use marine paint so that may yield different results . . . but I would encourage you to find other quick fixes like bright rugs or an interesting wall color to take away the focus from the floor.

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I think the difficulty would arise because even the thickest, most commericial-grade linoleum has at least some "resilience" to it and there lies the rub: paint is not very amenable to being crushed or stretched and bouncing back, intact.

Also many people refer to any type of resilient floor by the name "linloeum", when in many caes it's really sheet vinyl. These are even more resilient, and hence harder to get the paint to stay stuck; and that leaves aside the ones with texture ....! You can overcoat until you're blind, but if the surface is soft enough to be depressable (by heels, chair legs, etc.) then the paint must also be stretchable to some degree. If not, it will almost certainly crack or chip.

It's amazing what the so-called decorating shows suggest.


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I did this in my old house. I even painted it white. 16 years later the paint is still there though when I was a SAHM I washed the floor twice a day. My ex husband lets just say is not as meticulous in his cleaning endeavors. It's still on the floor but it's kind of splotchy looked where he's dropped things on it.

I used a marine paint, it took forever and three days to dry but it was in our budget and new floor wasn't.

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I'm so very passionate about this topic. We've been in a rental house for a few years and really couldn't stand the bathroom linoleum floor. I guess technically it's vinyl. In any case I tested several types of paint on a spot and it didn't stick. I did one more internet search before giving up and found this stuff called Linoleum Lacquer. It must be new I've been looking for years for a special product and haven't seen it. It was genius! They have tons of colors. It's help up perfectly and it's been 9 months and that bathroom is our only one (between 3 people) so it gets a lot of use. Our only concern is the landlords reaction when we move out. It's still worth it though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Linoleum Lacquer

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