Needed Answer Quick,my Thread dissapeared

bulldinkieOctober 12, 2013

I need to know what color evaporated milk is?I got new can its yellow,also could I use condensed or too sweet?

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I haven't had any that was actually yellow so that doesn't sound right to me either. Condensed is too sweet and too condensed. You could try mixing half condensed and half regular milk, then reduce the sugar in recipe. I'd taste it to see if enough sugar but I am a risk taker with raw eggs.

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I haven't used evaporated milk in a long time and as I remember it was more white than yellow. Condensed milk seems to be a lighter yellow color (pale). I would be taking it back to the store. What brand was it? I usually only buy carnation brand.

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It should be like vanilla ice cream.


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Agree, like the color of vanilla ice cream. In your other thread (which reappeared if it was gone :)), you said pumpkin pie....I always use cream in mine in place of the evaporated milk anyway, even half & half if you have that would work. So would sweetened condensed thinned a little with some regular milk, pumpkin pie is pretty forgiving - with the eggs, I think your texture/density once cooked should be fine.

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Evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk are 2 different things. Don't use one for the other. I suspect that you have sweetened condensed, not evaporated. Sweeteed condensed is more yellow. Evaporated is white.

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Sweetened condensed milk can be approaching golden and still be good. Eagle brand used to say that older cans would be darker in color but still be fine. Old literature but worthwhile to me.

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I've opened cans of evaporated milk that were distinctly on the yellow side of white. Never paid much attention but those were probably older cans that had been sitting in my pantry for a while. Also, could have been the brand...I generally have generic brands on hand. And maybe has something to do with what the cows were eating? Maybe they were on spring pasture vs eating winter hay??? Or could be a difference between regular evaporated milk and evaporated skim milk??

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no it was evaporated,yellow as yellow could be.I also had condensed,did like coconut nj said, 1/2 milk 1/2 condensed it as good.ty

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bulldinkie, I'm glad it worked out.

I've also had brands of evaporated milk that were yellow/beige/light tan/whatever. Perhaps they were older or different brands, but they were definitely not white. Since evaporated milk is mostly used here for pumpkin pie and fudge, it's not used much, but I do use it, especially around the holidays.


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