Going Glazey! Cabinet glaze help PLEASE!

surfman968July 12, 2009

I have been experimenting with glaze on MDF cabinets. To save money I have been using sample paints from HD and BM and applying them to corners of a cabinet door on top of BIN primer. After priming, I sand with a 320 grit and apply a coat of latex with a brush. I sand and apply a second coat, sand, and then apply the glaze. The glaze is three parts glaze and one part raw umber.

The problem is the glaze collects in the steaks left by the brush as much as the "gutters" on the face of the door. I could keep sanding but then I'm back down to the primer. Is the solution to this problem as simple as spraying instead of brush painting?

I've read a lot of DIY articles about glazing and have not read of anyone else having this problem. The glaze in the groves will make a huge difference in the final look. Otherwise I am stuck with a solid, single color bland finish.

Thanks for any tips or help.

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