Paint stink, year later?

sleepyjenJune 27, 2013


Last summer I renovated our home office. I took down 60 year old wallpaper, cleaned thoroughly, spackled with Drydex, primed with Kilz latex, and painted two coats of Sherwin Williams' low-voc HGTV paint in a dark gray/blue. I also painted a new pine desk using Benjamin Moore's Advance. The room's since had a little funk that we thought might be a result of being off the kitchen and getting all those odors, but now that it's warm and humid here in New England, it's got a really weird smell. It doesn't smell like paint; more like BO or something along those lines. I thought it might have been the rug, but I sprinkled baking soda all over that and vacuumed, and it smells fine. When I get closer to the walls, the funk smell seems strongest. Any ideas? I picked up an odor absorber today at the hardware store, but I'd really love to have some explanation. I suppose we could pull the desk out to see if it's the cause, but if it's not....short of painting BIN over the walls and repainting, I'm not sure what's next.


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