Gray carpet, what color walls?

Sarah_21April 9, 2012

I'll be moving into this house shortly with a rather neutral gray color of carpet. The walls are currently white, but I don't think I want to keep them plain white. The floorboards will remain white though. I had thought about trying to match the gray of the carpet for the walls. What color do you think? I don't much care for cream, beige, or yellows.

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I did a major overhaul of my dining room (right before Thanksgiving, of course) and got a lot of information on the best way to rid the ceiling of popcorn, right here. So, I wanted to return the favor and talk about how easy it is to paint over River Rock paint.

I'd painted the dining room with a maroony brown several years ago, and most of the comments on the internet about painting over it are crazy. Saying you can't, saying you need to sand it down first, etc.

Here is what I did. I vacuumed the walls, because all those little specks of "sand" can hold dust. Then primed with a high hiding primer. I used Zinsser Cover Stain, which has the consistency of marshmallow cream, with a fairly fluffy roller.

The paint was Hirschfield's, two different colors, one an eggshell and one a satin. I used the original Lauren wool rollers to put them on, and the room looks lovely. The combination of the primer and the two coats of the paints has done a wonderful job of smoothing the roughness, and the walls just feel softly textured now, instead of like sandpaper.

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