C2 Paint and BenMoore Aura Together--A Status Update

pmacbeeMarch 13, 2010

OK, I've never posted pictures before, and I'm not sure I understand the process. I hope this works! Hmm--can only attach one 64 kb file per post, and I'm having no luck creating a composite of more than one photo under 200 kb. I'll start with a photo of the entryway. This shot shows C2 Lovo Serene in the front hal, C2 Lovo "Buffed" in the vestibule (which connects to the gray side hall behind the living room), and Benjamin Moore "Mellow Yellow" on the far wall in the family room. Any hints on how to do multiple pictures big enough to view in one post gratefully received!

We are nearly done with our new-construction house, and I thought I'd share some of the successes (many) and mistakes (one in particular with C2's lovely "Awe" color--WAY too pink in the family room in winter, except in brightest natural light).

Since I'm not sure what will show up where, here's a run-down of all the colors. All Benjamin Moore colors were done in the Aura base in matte, except master bedroom which is eggshell. All C2 colors in eggshell.

All trim is BenMoore "Masacarpone" (Aura/Affinity-only color);

C2 Lovo "Serene" in foyer, main stair and upstairs hall.

To right of hall on entry is dining room in C2 Lovo Bonjour (we had planned to strie C2 Lovo "Torch", slightly darker and orange-er over this; may forego for now as this came up so luminous on its own);

across hall is living room in BenMoore Stonington Gray (light) and Steel Wool (dark). The living room pictures don't quite get the colors right (very dark day, flash added too much blue, exposure manipulation of no-flash photos turned dark wall a little green which actually isn't there at al)--I'll try again on a sunny day. We're VERY happy with this room (except that the light fixtures are the wrong metal!). Had planned to strie a finish of blended pearlized and silver metallic paint over the light walls. Probably still will because I loved the watered-silk look we produced on the sample boards, but hesitating because the color looks great as is.

BM Stonington Gray again in the hallway behind the living room that connects living room, powder room (C2 Lovo "Curtain Call") and vestibule between main hall and family room (vestibule in C2 Lovo "Buffed", which goes from pale yellow tan in bright sunlight to a radiant warm yellow in low and incandescent light. A "wow" surprise from this full spectrum paint.

On dining room side, butler's pantry visible from dining room is C2 Lovo "Cognac" (LOVE this) the and the mudroom visibleble at side of butler's pantry is the same C2 Lovo "Buffed" that looks so deep and glowing in the vestibule and cellar staircase.

Family room--Whoops! Painters messed up, and so did we. We had already concluded that Awe would turn out too pink in the darker parts of this room, especially once the floors were stained, but the painters forgot and put it up anyway. Not too bad near the sink where natural light floods in, but impossible elsewhere (especially next to the yellow!). Will be changing to BenMoore "Simply White" to tide us over til we have the room furnished and can see what color is really needed. The yellow in the family room (which was only supposed to go on the north wall where french door is) is Ben Moore "Mellow Yellow." A shot from the"rear hallway shows Ben Moore Stonington Gray, C2 Lovo Buffed and Ben Moore Mellow Yellow.

Upstairs, bedroom with modern fan is BenMoore "Vale Mist", master is Ben Moore "Barrista" (an Affinity/Aura-only color), hallway to left of french doors in master is Ben Moore "Linen White",

master bath is C2 Lovo "Awe" (floor is silver-gray quartzite and countertops are charcoal gray soapstone);

kid bedrooms (with white fans) are Ben Moore Linen White" --again we're surprised by more pink cast than expected, but with rugs, curtains and furnishings--and what is usually the strongest sunlight in the house-- I think it will be fine. Boy's bathroom is BenMoore "Ice Blue."

In basement I could only get a glimpse of the guest room--carpet is going in--but it's a match of Farrow& Ball's "Blue Ground" done in Benjamin Moore Preview color tints.

Cellar stairway and halls in C2 Lovo "Buffed", downstairs guest bath (room with shower with glass tile accent band) is C2 Lovo "Awe",

and rec room (not yet photgraphed!) is C2 Lovo "Hive" with an accent wall of BenMoore (Aura/Affinity-only) "Poppy".

The Aura did take much more prep work and special handling than the C2, but the painters were experienced with it (and I had warned everybody, thanks to this site) and knew to cut in the whole room first, use high quality rollers and brushes. It's GORGEOUS in both matte and eggshell. No streaks, no roller or brush marks, rich, luminous color, fabulous texture. Our design-builder nearly had a heart attack when he saw what my switch from Duron to C2 and Aura (Aura especially) did to the paint costs, and was sure I would, too. The upcharge was twice what I expected it to be, and about 5 times what he expected (he thought there might be "some" upcharge). One of the single most expensive changes we made to the spec materials. I have been biting my nails since approving it, but am now feeling that it was absolutely worth it. Many, many thanks to everybody who helped--and apologies to anybody I led astray by extolling the virtues of C2 Awe from only 2x3 foot samples!

I'll post more photos of the rooms described (and will keep trying to do multiple shots in one post), and hope you don't all get sick of this message!

Image link:

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Okay, here's a possible alternative way to get you these photos in one go. Let me know if it works!

Here is a link that might be useful: Photobucket of C2 Lovo and Benjamin Moore Aura Paints

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Love all the colors. What are the exterior house and trim colors? Are they BM also? Very nice.

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