painting stained spindles

fabulousOctober 28, 2006


I would like to know what are the steps to paint stained walnut spindles to white?

Thanks in advance,


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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

Step 1. Clean them with a warm, ammonia and water solution.

Step 2. Use a flexible sanding sponge, fine grit to dull the spindles.

Step 3. Prime them with a quality acrylic primer.

Step 4. Apply two coats of your preferred sheen with a quality acrylic enamel.

If you like satin, Satin Impervo by BM will work well. Pro Classic by SW is also a durable finish.

A skiff brush may work well for you, depending on the diameter of the spindles.

If you have more questions, I can answer them in email.


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How about you DON'T paint them. Walnut is a beautiful wood. What kind of messed up, retarded person would want to cover it up with paint? It always makes me so mad when people do that. Painting is for POPLAR, or PINE, or some other crap wood. Certainly not walnut.

Hey, I'm going to go buy some curly waterfall bubinga from the Rockler down the street for $55 a board foot. I think I'll make a tabletop. Wat colur shud I paint it gais?!


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