What kind of music do you paint to?

krustytoppOctober 6, 2006

When you're painting by yourself, in your own home, what kind (if any) of music do you put on the stereo? For some reason I like to listen to metal or hard rock while painting. Even though such music should not be conducive to painting because it tends to increase heart rate, it seems to make the activity more fun for me and I'm less tempted to rush the job.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

When I'm working at home I play XM radio, usually on the 60's sound. Right now I'm listening to "Oh Pretty Woman"

I think we should open a bottle of Mondavi Merlot to celebrate the first conversations post here in the paint forum.



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Well OK, I am lifting my glass!!! Cheers!

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Anything I can sing along to. (Nice empty rooms with an echo) Last time I painted I listened to Heart's greatest hits and a lot of Simon and Garfunkel. I tried the Temptations but I wanted to dance around too much.


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The best job I ever contracted out for faux finishing was a powder room done in 3 metallic tones on a texture; the artist had to listen to intensely heavy rock while working; I endured it since he was so talented. Once he got a rhythm going with his paints, he seemed to pace himself to the music and would not stop for hours.
His work was amazing but I'm glad he was doing only that room, I can't stand heavy rock.

If I'm painting, it has to be upbeat and loud; I make cd's of my favorite songs so I have a full hour at a time of uninterrupted favorites.

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anything and everything. i remember listening to the soundtrack to gosford park while i painted the red room and elvis costello's juliet letters when i painted the yellow room. benny goodman and django reinhardt are my wallpaper removal buddies.

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Good topic!

I listen to mostly classical but sometimes Paul Simon or Brave Combo (a Texas polka band). NPR is good too. Just anything to keep my mind from thinking about how tired I'm getting! I can work at most things much longer if I have something to listen to. And it works the other way, too: I prefer to be doing something with my hands when I'm just listening to music or watching TV.

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Oh, gosh, I'm all over the map: Geo. Harrison, Moody Blues, Doris Day, Jacques Brel, Francoise Hardy, Western Wind, old Southern shape note hymns, Christmas music (I have hundreds of albums and have no seasonal attachments), Quinteto Contrapunto, Pete Seeger, original cast musicals, Beethoven, Mozart, 50's & 60's songs (Beach Boys, Elvis, Buddy Holly) and even recorded bird calls. What I can not do is listen to recorded books, that just screws up my concentration.


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Definately up-beat music to keep the roller movin'! I like a variety of stuff including songs from the High School Musical soundtrack.

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