Sample is here! Opinions on floor color and tile??

williamsemFebruary 22, 2013

I posted a bunch of pics of just the door separately if anyone is interested in Bellmont cabinets.

I'm so excited to see the door style in the stain I'm getting! It's a lovely rich brown color. It reads dark IRL, like this:

With the granite:

I'm thinking whitewashed and bleached would be the colors to choose between for the cork floor. Bleached is the darker sample, whitewashed is the whiter one. The AmCork sample is what I think whitewashed would look like in the traditional pattern (square sample is nugget pattern).

Of the 6 or so sample tiles I've collected so far, I like this one best. It's MOP tile from

So, opinions? I'm not sure if that tile would be too reflective? Plain white tiles are just way too stark, even the lovely wavy surface ones I found. But I'm afraid to go too dark with such dark cabinets. I like these a lot, but I guess I'm scared of committing. Tiles, and flooring, are pretty permanent!

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Those MOP tiles are gorgeous. Really drop dead gorgeous. Would they be on all the backsplash? I don't know if they are practical or not, but they are pretty.

Why are there two granites or are they 2 of the same? Either way, your choices are starting to come together, aren't they?

I'm looking at my sample of whitewashed (don't have bleached but do have the whiter yet alabaster which is very nice) and I can't tell from holding it to your pics. Are your granite white areas very white? The bleached is reading goldish orangey on my monitor.

I'm getting excited for your kitchen!

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Those MOP tiles look *really* good with your counters. I would pick the lighter of the two cork choices.

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Hi deedles! The granite is two samples of the same granite, there is a lot of variation so they are either different areas on the slab or different slabs, not sure. The granite white looks *really* white in some areas, but apparently not stark white based on my tile explorations. There is a lot of soft whites, greys, and even some taupe in spots.

Glad you like the tiles! Anything that is all one color, no matter how well it matches spots, looks awful. They would go all along the range/sink wall, so about 13 continuous linear feet including behind the range and around one window. They are thin though, not sure how hard to install.

The bleached cork looks just like regular cork color but lighter. I could be persuaded to try other colors, I've only had a few daylight hours this am to see the door so my mind is a whirlwind!

Thanks, linelle!

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Counters, cabs and backsplash colors go well together and while I love MOP tile I wonder if that pattern will be too busy with the pattern of your granite? Can you get more tiles to see how a bigger sample looks? Don't like the bottom sample of cork with your other choices, too orange.

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My sample of alabaster (globus) is a definite white compared to the bleached sample. It has the faint taupey marks and a touch of grey? Grey blue? If you want a whiter white I can send you my sample to look at.

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Love your choices! They look beautiful together. I think your BS tiles will look fab with your granite. I don't think it will be too busy for your granite at all.

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The lighter floor for sure. The other one looks pink.

The tile is great looking. One thing I experienced with mop for the bs, is that when the lights went ON in the kitchen, the tile went flat. Great with natural light, and light from other areas, but the lights under cabinet and the recessed lights and the chandy just sucked the life out of it. :( So check yours, might not happen with all mop.

Everything really works so nicely together!

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I also vote for the lighter flooring. Will be so elegant together! Re the tiles, I like the MOP. I would not pick that particular design myself. Saw some beautiful MOP and mixed glass tiles yesterday at Best Tile (part of Tile America). Madrepearla collection, I believe. Along with others. May be too busy for what you are looking for. We decided on Stone and Pewter Accents Old Fashioned glass tiles for our backsplash. It's coming together!

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I love that tile!

Will you be able to choose your actual slab or do you have to pick just using those samples?

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Beautiful combination especially with the lighter floor. I love the mother of pearl! What a great shape. After it's grouted I don't think it'll be busy at all.

I have 3 different samples sitting on my back splash of MOP and it seems to look beautiful with recessed lighting, the light coming in through the windows and my chandelier. I don't have my under cabinet lighting in so I hope it won't make them look dead.

I'm going to take my samples over to my girlfriends to see how it looks under her new UC lights. I hope it's still beautiful since I have my heart set on it.

Good luck and let us please see your photos as it happens!

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Deedles, thanks for the offer! I have an alabaster sample here :-). Mine looks really white though, I'm afraid it would show the dirt too much. What do you think looking at your sample, do you think it would show everything?

Thanks, Poohpup!

Bee, thanks for the heads up! I will check tomorrow. I hope it looks ok, I love the MOP bit I am not crazy about the 1x1 grids or mini bricks. I like the hexagons, but I'm not sure why I think they would look busier than the diamonds.

Sum, your tiles sound pretty! I love some of the glass ones, but I've heard they're more expensive to install. Plus I couldn't find any that were not stark white, but no hint of green. Had to give up and admire from afar :-)

Suzannesl, they have only one plus a partial, so it is all mine (well, it's all reserved for me with my deposit so they are sure they have enough).

Sanjuangirl, no pics?! Lol! Glad to hear yours look good in different lighting. But seriously, if you have any pics I'd love to see them.

Island, I might buy more to see how it looks. There is a 5 sf minimum, but if I can buy what I will need for the kitchen and return it if I don't like it, I might do that. Not sure yet.

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I vote for the darker flooring. It makes the cabinet color look richer. I don't see any pink in it at all on my monitor.

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I think either the whitewashed or alabaster will show some dirt, for sure. Unless your dirt is whitish? :)

I totally need a brown floor.

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Hm...I love it all, except I am not crazy about either floor, really. I'm just not seeing them relate to the rest of your beautiful choices. Sorry!

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That's really interesting tile. I didn't even realize the small sample was the same as the sheet. Looks like a star when it's along and a cubes when on the sheet. Could be one of those backsplashes that keeps moving (not necessarily a bad thing). I love your choices but definitely think you should go with the lighter cork. It will brighten things up with the dark cabinets and counters and tie in perfectly with the tile.

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The flooring samples, both have a distinct pinkish undertone which isn't going well with the cool white of the counters and tile.

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Thanks for all the feedback, it is much appreciated! Here are the other potential cork options, I will present them without my comments for now. Do any of these work better? I'm definitely set on glue down cork, but I'm open to suggestions. Of course it is very overcast today, but I'm too impatient to wait for the sun so these are in natural light with the overhead light added.






All of the above for reference

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Would be nice if you could get bigger samples of the tile without paying for it since a single tile looks completely different than the geometric pattern produced when combined. No local tile places with a 1 sqft mounted on backing to borrow?

Regarding the floor. From what I can see alabaster coordinates the best, but it is really light.

All the browns look to have a lot of orange in them, especially natural and night. I'd eliminate those for sure.

Your stone samples look much cooler in tone than any of your brown flooring samples. Is there any shade of brown in the stone to coordinate with?

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I'd really like the chocolate if you could get a slab with lots of brown swirls in it. I think that would be pretty. Afraid the alabaster is too white but the monitor can skew things.

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I really like the Maple cork floor sample because it looks like it has some black in it to go with the countertops and because it has no pink undertones in it.

I love your cabinet, countertop, and backsplash choices. Your kitchen is going to be so beautiful and elegant.

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Only the Alabaster is working for me with your granite. I don't know much about cork, but is it something you'd be able to spot clean instead of constantly mopping? I had white vinyl in my old kitchen and had to mop at least twice a week.

Why are you so set on cork? Is it mainly for the comfort? It seems too "homely" with the richness of the gorgeous cabinets and granite.

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I liked whitewashed from your original post best, but the alabaster is beautiful - may show more imperfections. I love the mop bs tile. Let us know how it goes!

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I wish I could help. I don't even have an opinion. Can you find someone who can Photoshop a wall with cabs, backsplash, and floor for you? I don't have the skills to do that.
But I am sure whatever you pick, you will make it work.

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Love the individual snowflake shape of the small tile sample, but I am also seeing the optical effect of stacked cubes when you view the larger pattern. However much I try to focus on the snowflake shape, the cubes keep appearing! Reminds me of the big paintings at the mall that you had to stare at for minutes to try to find/visualize the hidden subject.

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Alabaster is the one that sings to me, too. Though so does the comment about cleanability! Alabaster flows so well with the granite and doesn't compete with it, either in movement or in color tones. It shows the granite off beautifully.

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Thanks for all the comments!

While I think the alabaster looks great with the granite, I am just flat out too lazy to keep it clean enough to look good. I refuse to clean the floor every day, I need a little bit of hiding power! I realize that, like wood, it will need to be swept almost daily, but I don't love it enough to comit to bright white.

I love the Night sample, but probably too busy for that granite. I'd love to find it a home in another room if we love the cork though.

I wish the sun would show up here, it's been overcast the whole weekend! I want to see what things look like in sunlight and post a few more pics of the final contenders.

Island, haven't seen this tile locally anywhere. I did post online asking if they have a pic of the tile grouted or installed, hoping they do. There are shades of brown in the granite, just not prominent. You can see some in the sample on the left in the last batch of pics.

May_flowers, I definitely want cork. For comfort mostly, but also durability, allergy issues, moisture resistance (definitely getting glue down), and environmental friendliness. We also considered bamboo, but so much of it is floating which is not great in a kitchen. Plus I do not under any circumstances want grout to clean. It's fine in the upstairs bath with such a small area and just on the floor, and I'm thinking the backsplash won't be too bad, but definitely not on the floor.

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beautiful combinations!

#1 alabaster (sorry, cleaning I know)
#2 chocolate

I don't think the others work for me, but once they're down they'll probably just blend in and feel neutral.

Good luck! You're getting close!

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Williamsem: what about some of the globus cork colors? blue, green, uh, purple!

I'm sure that the whitewashed would look great.. esp when you have the whole floor that color.

Are you putting in the cork after the cabs, right?

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My vote is for the maple. Love the granite with the cabinet color!

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