I *want* to turn over a new leaf

bethohio3December 15, 2006

I'm trying to start the website for our house that is being built--but since I'm not *sure* how to organize it, it hasn't been fully published yet.

I did manage to get a bunch of "I like these" and idea pictures into a 3-ring binder without deciding how I'm going to organize it--at least the pictures are in there even they aren't in neat little categories yet.

I still want to get better about handling the incoming mail., It piles up (but at least in one known spot) until I go through it all--and some stuff takes 3 or 4 or 5 passes to go through.

The coupons now live in two folders--one for restaurants, one for everything else. (Not groceries, more like house items, oil changes, Kohl's, etc.)

And I decided today (while wrapping presents on the bed) that the long rolls of wrapping paper aren't moving to the new house--they are too bulky. From now on, I will only purchase folding paper that fits into an easy to move around container. DH says he has some that are still in storage--they aren't coming to the new house either. I'm sure I can donate them *somewhere*.

Several of the Secret Santa gifts I received this year are already by the front door for the AmVets pickup on Monday. I tried on two pairs of pants yesterday that were too big--they're getting washed to get donated, too.

I'm trying hard, I really am. I just have to get better at throwing things away and not bringing them into the house at all!

Some successes and some still 'in progress', I guess (plus the ones I haven't tackled at all yet)


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Beth-congratulations. I'm not moving or anything, but I'm turning over a new leaf,too. One thing that helps me is I "keep moving". If I go from one room to another, I do some task on the way, I empty a wastebasket or pick something up off the floor. Last night while watching TV I got all my Christmas wraopping done. Good luck on your projects. I have tons of sorting and organizing to do, it will take me well into the new year. Good luck with your new home.

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Wanting is half the battle. Pick one thing that you'd like to see organized and concentrate on that. Usually, it really doesn't take that long. Thinking about doing it can take even more energy than actually doing it.

The best place to organize is in front of the TV. It always keeps me company and I have more space in front of the TV to make my piles.

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I know we have said it other posts, but it bears repeating. Being organized as a way of life is a process. It really can't all be done overnight. Every change leads to a different change. And over and over and over.

Good job on the changes Beth. I found I was rather discombobulated after we moved. I had planned storage well, but it took living in the space for several months to get back up to speed and feel like I was organized.


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good luck! You've gotten a start, that's terrific.

"not bringing them into the house at all!

I call this, "First, do no harm."

I've gotten better about not buying stuff (for one thing, I haven't got any place to put it, then there's the whole "but it costs money!" trick--it helps to be cheap), but stuff still comes in--the new Sunday School materials, etc.

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Good luck Beth, the advice about not moving stuff to the new house at all is one I will take to heart. I still have a garage full of stuff to come over and am delaying.Maybe everybody will forget we even have the stuff.

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You are doing great.

chew on these for a while....

Coupons, do you really use them?

Years ago, I found that I was not using coupons, nor did I have the mental capacity to deal with them. Everything that I take on requires that I somehow mentally and physically deal with them. The savings were not worth the "trial" to me. I figured I would average less than $50.00 a year. So I gave them up, unless it was something I KNOW I would use them, ie favorite pizza place. Even then, we average one pizza delivery a quarter... It was very liberating not to bother with coupons and all the paper that come with them!

I MAKE myself commit the first time around. Unless the reason is clear why I need it, I toss it. Figure out reasons to throw out, not reasons to keep! For example, I am getting x-mas cards now. If I have the address for the family already and they have not moved, the envelope is in the recycle immediately! The cards will stay until the new year, then they will go to recycle. No need to keep old x-mas cards.

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We really do use the coupons--or at least, some of them. (Kohl's, car repair, pizza, Bed Bath & Beyond, and sub sandwiches)

The rest I could probably skip saving--if I could make myself do it. At least by having a single spot to put them they aren't cluttering things up :-) For now, that might be as much success as I can handle.

I got the house website up and running--it's organized and published.

I got the family pictures site working again, even if it needs to be re-organized. At least it's up and viewable.

And there's a pile by the front door for AmVets.

On the negative side, we're about to bring a trailer-load of stuff of DH's from storage in St Louis back to our house in Ohio. And all of it will be going into storage until we can properly go through it. :-(

(No, we're not skipping the family holiday dinner tomorrow to go through it :-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Beth's building website

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I have been keeping coupons for stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, etc. in my purse because half the time I go in when I happen to be around the area. Not planned ahead of time. So I am more likely to actually use the coupons if I have them with me all the time. Oil changes and restaurants we plan on and I keep those in a file at home.

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Beth, here's a thought that might help you. As wife, mother, gift recycler, webhost and cleaning lady your time has a value. It is certainly more than minimum wage--value it at $20 per hour and there are certain items you can skip doing because they are not cost effective. So if keeping coupons updated and cutting them out, etc. takes hours each week and you only use a few dollars worth--thats an easy activity to cut. I always think those ladies that swear they get all of their groceries free because of coupons are demented anyway. Use the same analysis and you can cut out other activities also.
I keep track of my time at work, and I do it at home. That is a big eye opener. I found that I spent a lot of time doing stuff that I could pay somebody else to do.

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I keep the BB&B coupons in my tote bag, bcs I too am likelyl to find myself suddenly there.

I don't order pizza w/ a coupon, but if I did, I'd probably keep those coupons somewhere ELSE--like, by the phone I use to order the pizza.

And I'd keep oil-change coupons in the glove compartment.

Just because they are all called "coupons" doesn't mean they should all be stored in the same place.

And if you find that you DO use them, and can find them when you want them, then--hey, it's working.

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