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stephanie_in_gaDecember 26, 2005

I got rid of the sock basket! No one else would care, that's why I'm announcing it here. I got into a bad habit of throwing all the socks into a basket when I do laundry. Makes no sense, just know that I'm generally bad at finishing the last details of what I start. So for a couple months, sock piled up this basket, it was full with 6 peoples' socks. Every morning I'd go through the sock basket for kids' socks. They couldn't get their own, it was too many socks to go through. Mostly they'd throw on whichever socks they found close enough to a match. It was a joke around here, but also a thorn in my side.

The other day, I sorted them all, paired and put away what was good to keep, threw away the rest. Even the basket (which obviously wasn't used for anything else) so I cannot be tempted to put them back into that basket. It was the only basket I had, only hampers. It's gone! I know it's small, but it was my thorn.

After the laundry thread, and getting big kids to do theirs, I was thinking about the chores I let go to me kids. I wish I could control everything, but one look around the house and it's clear I cannot. So I have to lower my standards and delegate to the kids and let them do their best. The dishwasher, for example. I didn't like to let go of that because they wouldn't put things where there go. The vacuum, because they missed so many spots.

But I finally thought about it, got reasonable. It's so important they learn to help and learn to do the chores well. They've improved over time, and it's good for them to know they make a difference. Besides, I cannot do it all, and their best is better than not having it done at all. Our whole family is much happier when they are involved, a part of the team. I'm happier because I feel less used, dh is happy because the kids are working hard, kids are happy because they made us happy!

What's your thorn?

What do you delegate to the kids, and how well do they do it?

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Isn't it nice to know there is at least a small group of people out there who "get it" that getting rid of the sock basket is an improvement in your life?

I use Flylady's daily routine and zone cleaning system, so the stuff around the house just flows smoothly. Since they see me using my daily control journal, they like having their own daily sheets. Link below on the sheets I've adapted for the younger three kids.

The biggest thing my kids have to be responsible for is picking up after themselves. I'll stop any activity they are doing if they left something where it didn't belong (like dumping their coat and backpack) and make them deal with it right then. Much easier than having to deal with a cluttered mess.

As far as daily chores other than making their bed, picking up their stuff, etc. the 4 yo DS sweeps under the table after supper, 8 yo DD checks to make sure the trash is take out and 11 yo DS does a quick sweep of the bathroom. We try and use Sun. evenings as a time to set up the week's meal plan and double check the calendar for anything coming up they need to be aware of and plan for.

Otherwise, I just assign them jobs to do when we do the Weekly House Blessing. There are several easy ones like cleaning the mirrors and wiping down the hand prints on the walls that I hate to do. They do fine, but I'm not persnickity about stuff really. The 21 yo doesn't have any specific jobs around the house (other than his room and laundry) anymore since he's here so seldom. He does my fetch and carry type stuff for me now.

My thorn? Staying consistent. If the house quits running smoothing my first reaction is to blame the DH or kids, but in reality, it's because I've slacked off my routines or I've been leaving my stuff around.

I'm the navigator around here and everyone just follows my lead.


Here is a link that might be useful: kids daily sheets

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"Besides, I cannot do it all, and their best is better than not having it done at all."

I am finally getting this concept, too! But what's real cool is that the more they do it, the better they get at it (usually).

My thorn is the same as quiltglo's: staying consistent. I have the hardest time delegating the laundry.

I'll be real good at delegating one week, and bad the next. My mom was like this and I never knew what to expect. My DH is MUCH better at delegating.

What's delegated to our kids? Filling and emptying the dishwasher, sweeping the wood floors, vacuuming the carpets, dusting, putting together a load of laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, emptying the trash, mowing the lawn, washing the cars.

I just need to be more consistent with it.


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Great job on the sock basket!

Everyone here has a different brand of socks, so "extras" are just put in their drawer with the paired socks, in hopes that a mate will eventually be found, LOL.

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