Renovator's Supply sinks/faucets

kpaquetteNovember 17, 2008

Hi Everyone!

I'm new to this forum but have recently been pouring over several forums on this site to get help with our home renovation. I've searched this forum but didn't find an answer to this question - I apologize in advance if it's been discussed before.

Has anyone ever purchased sinks or toilets from Renovator's supply? I am restoring a 1850s Victorian and want period pieces, and my research seems to show that their sinks and toilets are relatively CHEAP! (compared to the Kohler's we are considering.) It almost seems too good to be true - I'd be curious about the quality.

Same for the faucets - they seem to be considerably cheaper than comparable offerings from "big brands" like Grohe. Are they heavy, solid, good quality? Or they more along the lines of builders grade home depot stuff but with a retro design?

If anyone has experience with them I'd love to hear about it.

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I have used both, and even pedestal sinks.

I had one sink that was cracked in the box and quickly replaced.

The faucets are very good with a lot having ceramic valves.

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I would never again use RenSup for anything, as all of my past dealings with them, dating back to circa 1983, have ended in disappointment. Maybe by now they have improved their customer service, which, alas, in my experience, was non-existent.

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Casey what happened exactly? I've only ordered one thing from them - an L-shaped curtain rod during our last renovation, and it was fine. But this time I'm considering them for a pedestal sink, toilet, sink faucet, clawfoot tub hardware and all the hinges for our interior doors. When was the last time you ordered from them? Was it the quality?

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I've ordered many items from them in the past 20 years and have been pleased every time. No problems, high quality.

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