Wonky Bathroom Floor

justducky22November 4, 2010

Just curious if anyone has any ideas...My bathroom upstairs looks like a fun house. The bathroom is at the back fo the house and the floor slopes to the back of the room (toward the back of the house) but levels off again. I was just wondering if this might have been done on purpose. I only ask because the floor tiles and grout do not have any cracks or gaps you would expect to see if something had shifted (they appear original to me). Also the doorway is tilted in the same direction with no gaps or cracks in the trim...looks like it has always been that way for some reason. I do think that the layout of the bathroom has been changed sometime in the past...it looks like there are small pipe holes in the tiles on the wall behind the toilet (at sink height). I checked the other room along the back of the house next to the bathroom and it does not seem to have the same thing going on. I just can't help but wonder what is with this floor? every time I am in there. Oh and before anyone asks...the foundation is fine. Any thoughts?

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Settling, probably due to age and/or undersized framing. Even steel beams sag over the years. I knew someone who began investigating his sloping kitchen floor and the similarly sloped two floors above. Turns out his kitchen began life a hundred years earlier as a porch on short timber piles; it was enclosed and two floors added on top.

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Worthy...I figured it was most likely settling but don't you think that there would be some evidence of that? Like some kind of gaps or cracking of grout or tiles? Maybe not, I don't know but thanks for the reply!

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