dried honeysuckle/grapevine

trijarFebruary 1, 2010

Hi everyone- what is the overall feeling about decorating with greenery and honeysuckle/grapevine? I still like the look of it if not overused, but I wasn't sure if decorators are steering away from unsing it. Just as an example, I have it around my front door, and used to have it hanging over windows, alomost like where a valance would hang, etc. Any input is greatly appreciated. Also, if you have any pictures where you have used in your house. Thanks so much.

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Personally I would not decorate like that. It can look cluttery. Fake greenery will look fake and can seem contrived. It collects dust. It's not for me and I have not seen any examples of it in homes where I have liked it being used around doors and windows.

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I dont use them in my decorating. I do have a couple of silk flower arrangements though, dont know if they fall in the same category.

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I like it if it's used in quantity. In other words, not just one or two strands, but 10=12" wide bunch, that way it appears more realistic.

I used to have a vine garland above my bay window and everyone loved it, but I realized it looked a little chintzy after I studied the look at my favorite store that had it there.

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