How do you store your Christmas Tree?

dewdropDecember 11, 2007

I have a 71/2 ft artificial pre-lite tree. There's no way it's going back in that box. It is in 3 sections. I can't find the plastic tubs that are long enough. I can't just put it in garbage bags because I want to store it in a outside building and I don't want rodents to get into it. Does anyone know what I can put it in?


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Have you checked Kmart? Taht's where I found my big Rubbermaid tub for my tree. My tree's 3 sections, too. You ahve to squish it down, but it fits. I'm not at home, so I cna't see how long the tub is. If I had to guess offhand, it's 3.5-4 ft long. I do remember that the top is rounded, not the flat kind, and I think it's hinges/attached to the bottom. I didn't put the tree up this year, so I'm having to go on old memory - LOL! KMart doesn't have them out year round, but they have them around Christmas and into January when everyone's on the organizing resolution kick.

It looks kinda like this:

Now, they do have a new tree bag out that looks interesting:

I'm pretty sure I saw this at Target.

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Thank you so much. I will go by K-Mart tonight.

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