You know you have a flip-flopped/remuddled house if..

ks_toolgirlNovember 16, 2010

You know you bought a flipped/flopped/remuddled house if...

This is for VENTING! The stupid, ugly, lazy & often just plain DANGEROUS things P.O.'s have done to our homes. "Floppers" on purpose because they just wanted to cover-up what might make it difficult (or llegal!) to sell, homeowners because they didn't know better? Grrrr... ;-)

A few of mine...

You look around at the "new" walls & go crazy wondering where they're supposed to be.

You look up at the "freshly dropped" ceiling & wonder what's above it. (Then ask yourself if you REALLY want to know after you notice a very small piece of fallen plaster sticking down out of the vent cover. That was NOT there last week!).

You see all the badly done drywall tape coming loose from the new poorly-done walls... And look up at the same dropped ceiling & wonder... How "literal" is the term "dropped ceiling" going to be, & how much $ did they save on drywall screws?

You peel up glued utility room carpet, and are no longer surprised by anything those people did - not even seeing that they thought duct tape was a viable subfloor resource. (I have pics of that one!).

You daydream about finding the floppers & shaking them, yelling "Where are the rest of my freaking 7 1/4" baseboards from the downstairs?", until they burst into tears - admit they have them in storage - and offer to return them with all of the paint removed for you!

Geez - I could write a book! (Lol, perhaps you're all thinking I just did! Sorry, it is long, I know). I only have about 100 more, right off the top of my head.

Is it just me???


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How about the cobbed 1/2 bathroom they built with no lights over the vanity, outlets that aren't wired to any electrical source!

The walls on the other side of the 1/2 bath that have baseboard that don't match so I have to load furniture in front of them so you can't tell

The walls at the foot of the stairs that are wide open at the bottom (??? hOW THE HELL THEY MANAGED THAT IS BEYOND ME!!)and I'm sure that's how the bats got into the main living area.

The poor wood floor that was chopped at the bottom of those same open walls (for what reason I'll never know!)Now a piece the size of a deck of cards is missing.

The crown molding that's so cobbed you can see a 1/8 inch seam where 2 pieces meet (I haven't gotten on the ladder yet to fill the gap & paint. It's on The List)

Phew! That felt good to gripe about that to people who can appreciate my frustration! :-)

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Some one save me from ignorant or is it lazy homeowners!
The ones who:

Can't clean or properly prep a surface BEFORE they paint. They try covering the grease and the dirt with paint or wallpaper!

Can't fix a leaky valve on a toilet so over a LONG period of time the entire floor rots. It's just DUMB luck that the toilet didn't fall from the first floor to the basement....In my dreams it would have been wonderful tho if the PO had been sitting on it!

Can't be bothered to prep the walls properly for wallpaper and just throw it up there. Later when their "taste" change they paint over the wall paper making it nearly impossible to do anything but start over.

Couldn't leave the built ins alone decided they had to saw them off.

Needed to glue the rug down on to what was a hardwood floor.

The ones that paint hardware because they didn't like the shine!

The ones who didn't mix the paint BEFORE they started putting it on the wall.

The ones who nailed stuff when it should have be screwed together AND instead of using a finishing nail used a penny nail!

The ones who thought that duct tape could repair EVERYTHING including:
the rip in the tile in the kitchen(bright green goes with everything right?)
the broken windows ( they might as well used it for a window covering it covered most of the windows in the one room.
the door that came off the hinges (how that happened came about I can only guess)
as a sub for electrical tape in a few of the wall switches and for the proper fitting for a leaky sink.

I'm sure there's more but those are the ones that make me cringe the most.

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Mine is more of a "You know you have a slumlord owned house if..........."

>they painted OVER a large wad of cheesecloth in the middle of the bedroom floor. Same can be said for hardware, locks, etc. 'Paint' is a euphamism for 'pour'

>one of four brick piers under double back porches has been replaced with several too short 2x4's which, of course, caused the 24' porches to have a serious sag

>gutter spikes were the hooks of choice for hanging clothes

>all of the doors & jambs look like they've been in a knife fight - & lost!

>instead of an outside water spigot being... wait for it... outside, put it in the back hall. Of course, there is no heat & it will freeze, burst, & rot the floor & the replacement floor

>the fireplaces are closed off & have more than 1 stove hole in the chimney breast. When the cavity fills with soot, don't clean it out - just knock out another hole higher up!

>when the windows need glazing repair, don't use putty; brick mortar lasts so much longer

These are a few off the top of my head - there are many more!

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