Scalloped roofing shingles...

junebug1961November 23, 2007

Hi folks...

My spouse and I are in need of a new roof and it's been hard to find a roofer willing to come out here and give us an estimate- once they see the pitch of our old victorian house, they just don't call back, lol. Anyway, we did find one guy. The house has scalloped shingles, which I think are very pretty. Our guy works with Menard's because they unload the shingles right up on the roof, a huge time and back saver. It turns out that Menard's doesn't carry scalloped shingles, at least not in my area. Roofer guy then told us that scalloped shingles are not as good as other shingles and people just use them "for show". I'm a little suspicious. This guy is very young and has only been doing this for a year and a half- he doesn't even have a ladder. I'm thinking that he just doesn't want to move out of his Menard's comfort zone or purchase a ladder. I'm thinking there are too many red flags already for me to go with this guy, but has anybody out there heard about scalloped shingles being inferior? If any of you know of a good website I could check this out at, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks in advance...

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I think the least of your worries are scallops with that guy. Have you seen any references? He may be the only one foolish enough to go on your steep roof because he's young and inexperienced. Apart from having anything on your conscience, have you considered legal ramifications if anything happens to him? You either need to find a VERY experienced co. with lots of refs., who'll show you their compensation papers. I think you could research scallops online yourself.

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Hi lucy...
The kid comes highly recommended by one of my spouse's business contacts. He appeared at the house with a binder of tax and insurance documents, all of which are legal and up to date. He strikes me as young and disorganized, which I'm certain he picked up on as he was quick to inform me he'd been to war (Iraq) and is married and divorced already, lol. So far, my online searches have come up with ZERO information concerning the failure of scalloped shingles, but thanks for your kind and helpful words of wisdom.

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I'd pass on this guy and keep looking. They make ladders with a motorized lift on them specifically for moving shingles from the ground to the roof. Anyone with experience should know this and should have invested in one as part of the tools needed to do the job.
Also note that tho he may have all the proper papers it doesn't mean his helpers or co-worker will. So you need to look at that too.
You might pay more for a professional roofer whose only business is roofing BUT in the end it will be worth it. I'd be incline to dig out the phonebook and start looking for roofers and /or restoration specialist.

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Hi Carol...
I decided to pass on this guy. My spouse wanted to give him a chance but I am too freaked out by his disorganization, lack of tools, etc. Money isn't an issue for me, but I have been having a hard time locating roofers who don't employ people who are residing in the U.S. illegally, which IS an issue for me. I'm going to call a few more places today and see how I make out. : )

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I know it's hard finding a good roofer. We went thru it too right after we bought this place. Not many want to bother with high roofs, ours is two stories up and massive.
One other thing to consider which no one mentioned is the cost of dumping your old shingles. Make sure you are clear on if that charge is included in your estimate or not. Disposal of shingles can be EXPENSIVE depending on where in the country you live and a shocker when it comes to pay the bill if you are not prepared for it.

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Thanks for the heads up...I wonder how expensive it will be here to dispose of the shingles? The kid measured our roof and said it's 25 "squares"- plus, I am certain there are two layers of shingles up there. This is a two-story house too, with dormers...makes for complicated roofing, I'm certain! At least I'll be psychologically prepared for the additional outlay...

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