need new storm door to replace Larson

gibby2015November 30, 2008

I have a relatively new full view metal Larson storm door that has plastic retainer strips that have to be removed to switch between screen and glass. These retaining strips are a real pain in the neck to remove/replace. I would like to get a different door to replace this piece 'o crap. Dark brown, nickel trim not brass, preferably full screen/glass if possible. I want a good quality door that has a simple mechanism for switching glass/screen - not the retainer strips. Can anyone recommend something that is readily available - or available in Minnesota?

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Have you tried to manipulate the plastic retaining strips on a sunny afternoon, after they have had a chance to warm up and soften? If this is not possible, you might be able to warm the plastic strips with a hair dryer, before you attempt to remove them.

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If temperature is a factor then the fact we are doing this so late in the year when it's colder may explain why it is so much more of a pain in the a$$ than usual. Let's see, based on my research over the last day I've discovered I should spray them with windex, coat them with liquid soap, hammer them with a mallet and dry them with a hairdryer. I'd really like a door that is designed to just allow you to slip the screen out and storm window in with not much more than my bare hands - maybe a screwdriver. As it is my storm window is now out and I can't get it in. I have a handyman coming over next week to replace a cracked tile and he said he will take a look at it. I'll be sure to bring the retaining strips in from the garage to warm up. Interestingly I found another forum with about 100 people trying to find an answer to this also. If there is not a door without this "feature" there is clearly an opportunity for someone to design one and make a lot of money.....

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I recently installed a wooden storm door on the front of my house and am very pleased with the results. Have you thought about getting away from aluminum for your OLD HOUSE and going with something that's more appropriate for the period?

Just a thought. Old houses need love. And money.

Rose Thornton
author, The Houses That Sears Built

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I've had the same trouble with the Larson window retaining strips. I've had to hammer them in and out and have managed to break all of the strips into pieces in the process. Whoever came up with this design is an idiot. I'll never buy another Larson product.

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I'm with Rosemary on this one! My house has its storm/screen door just like hers--it's original. The previous owner had a sheet of plexiglass in the screen insert--but I discovered the original storm in the basement a month after moving in--if she had looked, it would have bit her.

Try salvage yards, antique shops etc. for such a door. It would likely be cheaper than a new metal one.

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Have you tried Pro Via Storms Doors...they are strong, come in colors to match/complement exterior house colors. I have had no problem removing screens/windows at any time and it comes with a better locking mechanism than most.

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