Tupperware Time

Julie_MI_Z5December 25, 2005

For many years, I had an addiction to Tupperware. I collected it, but didn't really use it. Last year and the year before I got rid of a ton... but some I held on to.

This morning (while waiting for teenaged boys to wake up and open gifts) I had some spare time and sat down on the floor in front of that "Tupperware cabinet" in the dining room. Tupperware pieces have now fully filled a Glad ForceFlex tall kitchen garbage bag and are awaiting a trip to the Salvation Army. Hooray for me!

I kept one VERY large bowl that we've used recently at BBQ's, one cannister, and one serving set that I could see me using now that I remember I have it.

I also found an unopened Tupperware jello mold that I'm going to throw in a bag to take to our niece's wedding shower in 2 weeks (we bought her a card table and chairs but already took it to her because it was too heavy for me to take to the shower). She likes to experiment in the kitchen, so maybe SHE will actually use it! She's from a family that makes jello salad; I usually only eat jello when I'm sick---and who wants to mess with a jello mold when you're sick? LOL

There are still other things stored in that cabinet, but I'll go through them later. Having the Tupperware out of the way means I have more room so I can organize what I want to keep and maybe store some of the overflow on the open hutch (things I want to keep but really do NOT need out all at the same time) in there.


Doing the Dance of Joy

P.S. I do like the ForceFlex bags!

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WOW, you did that on Christmas morning? That's incredible energy and stick-to-it-ness.

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Gosh, really. My kids were up at 4:30 and I thought I was going to fall in a heap! DH is down taking a nap now. I did mine earlier in the day.

I have two sets of the larger nesting bowls which have those lids you push down on in the middle. Use them constantly. Otherwise, when invited to a Tupperware party I have to politely decline.

Same with Pampered Chef. I love the bamboo spoons and their scraper things which can withstand heat. I don't go to the party often. Just ask the hostess to order me another set.


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I'm determined to use my vacation time to the fullest! And since I'm home, I did laundry today, too. LOL

One day you, too, will have teenagers that sleep in! Our kids were up watching movies until 3:00am... DH woke up hearing them laughing and sent them to bed.

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>One day you, too, will have teenagers that sleep in!

:) This made me smile, since we are also at that stage. I actually set the alarm this morning-silly me-because I used to hate it when they went in and saw their Santa gifts (which are left unwrapped for them to discover Xmas morning) before I was awake to see them. Silly me, I woke up on my own long before they stumbled out of bed.

So at our house the days of wildly excited little faces at dawn are a memory now too. A bit bittersweet; they were happy with their gifts today but I do miss those magical mornings.

Merry Christmas!

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>One day you, too, will have teenagers that sleep in!

Yep, we are now at this stage, too! DH and I woke up this morning, looked at each other, and exclaimed, "This is the first Christmas we haven't been awakened by a child!" Actually, our youngest isn't a teen yet (10) so she did end up coming in shortly after that, but her older brothers would've been happy sleeping in later.

As for Tupperware, WOO HOOO Julie! I did the Tupperware decluttering last year and it felt great! I had 5 Tupperware pitchers - now what on earth would I need 5 for? I now have 2. (We always have OJ and sometimes another juice.)

Now I need to go through all my GLADWARE stuff. I have a habit of picking up a new set too often.


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We used to get up early and turn on the tree lights, then go back to bed and wait for the pitter-patter of little feet running down the hall to see if Santa came, then wait for the pitter-patter to come running back to "wake" us up!

I had 3 Tupperware pitchers, but now that juice comes in jugs and cartons, we buy that instead of concentrate and never use the pitchers. I almost stumbled over this, thinking I should keep my 2 favorites, but I know we wouldn't use them.

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Julie, I'm impressed - both by the amount you did & the fact that you did it on Christmas morning. I haven't gotten anything organizing-wise done around here since I've been off. Fri. DH was gone & I meant to do a lot, but mainly I just goofed off. I guess we all need to do that from time to time. Sat. we went to do last-minute shopping (DH had forgotten to pick up or order a gift for a friend). Yesterday we just sat around until time to go to my sister's house.

So today we've got to really get some things done, as I have to go back to work tomorrow. I've got a list, so keep your fingers crossed, LOL!

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Kittiemom, I'm trying really hard NOT to have "sit around" time except for my regularly schedule computer breaks. LOL

I want to go back to work next week knowing that my time at home (which I have wanted for SO LONG!) was well spent and I can start the new year out right. Winter time is cabin fever time, and I'm way more aware of clutter than I am in good weather months.

OK, break time is over!

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I feel like that sometimes. If the feeling hits to get rid of things, make the most of it! Late at night, first thing in the morning, or Christmas morning - for me, I eventually start having second thoughts about things, and that's when it's time to stop. And get rid of what I've done already :) Good job, Julie!

It is nice having the teenagers sleep late sometimes. We figured by going over to SIL's house at 1:00, they'd just be getting up. As it was, they came down and were more interested in the sticky buns than the presents. We got to those a couple hours after they woke up, after reading the paper and watching some t.v. THAT'S never happened before! However, trying to actually DO anything with them on a day off, like trying to go Xmas shopping or whatever...I end up leaving them home or just not going. VERY hard to pry them out of the house!

I've been wanting to go through stuff today. Since the trash goes out tomorrow, I'm thinking it's time to get started.

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Two days after the Tupperware flinging, and I have no remorse, just relief! Gosh, it feels GOOD to know that stuff is packed up and on its way out!!!

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I purged a lot of tupperware when we moved 18 months ago. I haven't missed any of it. For some reason my mom kept mountains of the stuff . . . no matter how discolored and permanently sticky they were and so I grew up thinking I too needed to do that . . . and coolwhip containers, cottage cheese and yogurt containers, etc. I don't save any of it anymore. Just the stuff (which is actually not even tupperware . . . it's Martha Stewart!) I use everyday. Saved a ton of storage.


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I'm not like your mom... at least she USED her tupperware! Mine is mostly like new. LOL

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Thanks, Julie. You inspired me to look in some drawers in the dining room where I keep placemats, tablecloths, dishtowels & trivets. I haven't opened those drawers in years except to get out dishtowels. I had 3 full drawers, now I am down to two. I took a boxful of tablecloths, placemats & napkins, then I found a HUGE box of baskets in the closet that have been there for probably close to the ten years we have been in this house. Kept a few and the rest are at the SA. YAY! Now, what to do with an empty drawer?

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We have not a single placemat or cloth napkin in the house. We never used them, just stored them in a drawer we never opened. I had them almost 20 years by the time I dumped them.

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