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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6bNovember 22, 2012

This is the latch on the closet in the upstairs landing. Any guess when it was installed? The build date on my house is supposed to be 1880. I'm unable to find anything to prove it. Odd things here and there are probably original. Maybe this latch? But since building materials don't change very often, does this latch tell me anything?

This is on the outside of the door. Seems back wards to me. I wonder if this door used to swing the other way. Painted over hardware on other doors look like they also had this type latch and it was just left there when they put new white porcelain knob sets on.

This is on the inside of the door.

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The latch is correctly placed.
As an example, the lever with the thumb spoon is stopped from falling out or being pushed thru by an internal pin, which often wore out.
With the latch installed as shown, were the shaft to be pushed thru, the room could still be accessed. However, if the latch bar were on the inside and the latch shaft removed, you would need to employ a rod or a screw driver to access the room.
Which could be hung on a decorative piece of sash cord or bailing wire from a barbwire fence staple.

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Those type of latches pre-date Christ and they are still made today so it's anybodies guess when it was installed. There is no reason to believe it is not original to your house.

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Wow, that reminds me of my grandparents and their home near Pittsburgh, PA (North Versailles, PA). It was built in 1940.

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I still have a latch exactly like that on the door leading from my center hall to the cellar. My house was built circa 1820s. Yes, they've been around for eons and still made.

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