full overlay - framed vs. frameless?

nathendoFebruary 15, 2013

I'm getting ready to tackle the kitchen cabinetry in my whole house remodel. The cabinet maker my GC uses does framed cabinets with full overlay. I'm having trouble finding photos of what these might look like. I found plenty of photos of full overlay cabs on Houzz, but they don't specify whether the boxes are framed or frameless. Do they look identical on the outside?

Can any anyone help me with pictures that show a framed full overlay kitchen? I'm planning for shaker style cabinets painted creamy white.

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From the outside the onlu difference is the reveal, space between doors. It is generally narrower on frameless becuse of the type of hinge. There are a few exceptions.

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a picture of a kitchen in the panoramic sense won't tell you certain things...you will save some inches in your base cabinet storage drawers with frameless. framed construction is traditional and easy to spec and achieve tehnical excellence for most local cabinet makers. frameless can be a little trickier and requires greater construction and install skill. Frameless tends to be a little more expensive. Frameless lower cabinets and full framed uppers is a great way to spec out your kitchen. go to the library and get the kitchen/ bath issue of Fine Woodworking or a book on kitchen cabinet construction. Even a 45 minute read with 3-d pictures will explain most of what you want to know.

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Framed full overlay is extremely common.

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Hi Breezy - Who are your cabinets made by? I've had to fire my GC and cabinet guy and now trying to find someone to either finish the job or start over :( Pretty sure you're not in my area (CA) but thought I'd ask. Looking for recommendations for cabinet manufacturer or maker. Thanks!

p.s. Sorry for the high jack, OP

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Here are frameless full overlay cabinets in my pre-remodel kitchen.

And here are framed full overlay cabinets in my new kitchen.

Not much difference in overall look from the outside of frameless and framed cabinets. There is some difference in interior cabinet and drawer size but that was not a concern for me when I changed to framed cabinets.

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