Wrapping Paper Storage Bins

Julie_MI_Z5December 20, 2005

I've been debating about buying one of those wrapping paper organizers to hold gift wrap. I wanted one. I wanted it bad. Then... I came to my senses! LOL

This year (for the first time in 20 years) I'm NOT going to stock up on wrapping paper after Christmas. We're buying fewer gifts (the kids are older, their presents cost more; it's expensive to ship big things out of state; the nieces and nephews all get gift cards; etc.). We no longer need a boatload of wrapping paper.

When Christmas is over, I should have maybe a roll or two of paper left, plus a roll or two of all-occasion paper, and I'm going to slide them in a bag in the corner of a closet and call it "done".

This year I also noticed Christmas cards went on sale WAY before Christmas. I'm not buying those a year ahead either. I'm freeing up my "real estate" LOL.

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I agree. I decided when we started getting a bunch of Dollar Tree stores that I'd buy wrapping paper there, as I needed it, and not worry about storing all the "good bargains" that I had found. Plus, I didn't have to get up at 4:00 a.m. the day after Christmas to get all the "good deals"! LOL

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I purchased a gift wrap system from the Container Store that hangs on the wall in our utility room. I don't have a lot of gift wrap, but I like it all in one area. I like everything in one location - paper, tissue, ribbon, scissors, tape, labels. Okay, maybe I'm just a sucker for these organizational things!!!! Anyways, I love it.


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I can't resist the post-holiday morning wrap/trim sales, but I do manage myself by limiting what I buy to what can fit in *one* of those under-bed storage boxes (not a gift wrap specific one, just the normal size).

Here's something I started doing a few years ago that has helped me a lot with organizing the wrapping: in that one box I keep the rolls of paper, as well as all the gift tags and rolls of ribbon. AND...I make sure when I pack it all away it also contains an extra fine point sharpie (for labeling tags), a brand new roll of tape in a dispenser, a brand new roll of double side tape (keeps bows on much better) and a pair of sharp scissors.

So when I pull that box out to begin wrapping, everything is right there ready when I am. It really has made life easier; I don't waste time running around getting the sharpie, finding scissors, cursing because as always the kids took the tape dispenser and either I can't find it or it is their room sans tape. I have one other box in which I keep gift boxes and gift bags and bows of all shapes and sizes. So once I pull out those 2, I'm ready to wrap and roll :).


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I do stock wrapping paper, but mostly bcs I like to use penguin paper, and it can be hard to find nice-looking paper.

I used to have an under-bed box for it, but that takes up a LOT of room when it's out. And during the holiday season, anyway, I like to have it out, so I can just wrap a present immediately.

The gift-wrap ones are vertical, which is easier to deal w/ when it's out--plus it's easy to grab a roll of all-purpose paper during the year.

What I *don't* like about them is their bulky lids. You have to PUT them somewhere when you take the lid off; the lids themselves are hard to put back on bcs they have to thread over the tops of all the rolls, so you have to arrane the rolls so they're pointing the same way.. you can't open them one-handed.

I want to make one that uses those "wing" lids--hinges on both sides and interlocking seam in the middle.

I don't have wall space, not even in the closets, so I can't use those hanging ones. And the one hanging one I got was annoying--the pockets were hard to deal with.

I actually like those stand-on-the-floor containers--everythign but their lids!

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My best advice on wrapping paper is this: Sometime between Christmas and New Years, take an inventory of your Christmas paper supplies: cards, wrapping paper, bows, tape, labels,the works. Then take your favorite new 2006 calendar, flip to October or later and write down what you already have and what you need to buy more of. And if you're like me, write a note of where you are storing your tree skirt and extension cord for the tree!

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I just put it all in a trash bag with a cinch draw top and put it with the rest of the holiday decorations. We are using most of it up now and I won't replace until next fall.


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My planner for August 2006 (it's an academic calendar, so it ends there) says "Start Christmas shopping by September". I want to keep my wrapping paper handy so I can use it to wrap as I go. This year I didn't start until December... I'm not waiting that long again!

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I forgot to say--I have two wrapping-paper storage boxes.

I use the upright one (the new style) to hold the paper that's in use now--when it's not Christmas, it holds b'day wrapping paper. Because I want to have that so it's easy to get to. I occasionally have to wrap b'day presents, and I don't want a big production over it. These tall storage bins are the best solution so far for "grabbing the paper from the closet in as few motions as possible."

I have another one, horizontal, that I keep on a high shelf. It holds the Christmas paper. I switch the papers around when the Christmas season arrives.

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My goal is 3 rolls of wrapping paper max, and that's about what I can slide in plastic in the corner of a closet right inside the door frame(remember, we have VERY small closets). I'm over the 3 roll limit right now, but I've got a wedding shower in January and DS's birthday in February so that will help pare down.

P.S. I'm using plain flower paper, NOT buying special wedding paper for the shower. I'm sure some will consider that a faux pas, but my New Years Resolution is going to be to simplify life. :)

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I make it a policy never to buy specialized wrapping paper--no words, ever. No iconic images.

And my presents always look SO much more colorful at showers! They really stand out. Lilacs, or hydrangeas, or colorful stripes, w/ big colorful bows...

I don't think there's any etiquette about *which* paper you use, or even *whether*.

I probably run about 6 rolls at a time.

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I just found 3 more rolls of paper I didn't know I had.

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I have one of the Rubbermaid bins that stands upright. I usually have around six rolls. I don't use a lot of wrapping paper, so I don't stock up. I bought my organizer because I decided it would be easier if I had everything together in one place. It's worked well for me. Now I have tape, scissors, bows, etc. all right there when I need to wrap something. I'm glad I bought mine.

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...stands and goes to the front of the room......

Hi I am Maddie and I am a gift wrapping freak... the room says.. HI MADDIE..... yes I have to admit to a sick and obviously what seems to be an overboard love of wrapping stuff and I seek your help ..hehehehehhehe

ok... so when we redid the laundryroom I built a place for gift wrapping.. One cabinet was built in a way that it can hold rolls of paper, reams Of tissue, gift bags and hostess gift. I even made a ribbon dispenser!!!...lord help me! Oh.. and extra deep wide counter!

Now here comes the kicker... WHERE I ask you did I wrap gifts last night???? Up stooping over my bed (ugh my back!)with the door locked to keep out the kids...so much for a good plan!


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I just remembered another reason I'm glad I bought mine. I used to just put my wrap & bows into a garbage bag. I store mine in the attic. I can't tell you how many rolls of paper were crushed when something got set on top of them. That doesn't happen now.

I used to get irritated by the rolls unrolling & the paper on the end getting messed up. I bought a bag of hair elastics & now I put those around the rolls. Much better! I also use them to hold the cords to my electric Christmas candles, extension cords, garland, etc.

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Now that I've found more rolls of paper than I thought I had, I will be SO MAD if you guys talk me into buying one of those rubbermaid storage bins thingies!

LOL.... Peer pressure is so tough!

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Well, I have to go out to the store today and get more paper. Bah. I wanted to just break even and not store any for the year and then get my choice of the pretty stuff next year. Bag to the bag for me.


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Come on, Julie! You know you want one!

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Gloria, come to my house; I have plenty of paper and I'll share.

Kittiemom, don't tempt me! I keep reminding myself... I don't NEED another thing sitting around, I don't NEED another thing sitting around....

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