Breezygirl: Question about your faucet

wi-sailorgirlFebruary 21, 2013

Hi Breezy,

Quick question about your faucet. It looks like you've mounted your Hansgrohe faucet so that the "button" that switches the water to spray mode is facing back. Is the the case. Every picture of it that I see online has it facing out but there is no mention if you can mount it so the button is facing back and as strange as that may seem, it's a big deal to me. I just don't care for the look of the button showing. Thank you so much!

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I had this pic already queued up so I'll post it.

Yes, the button faces the back and is not visible. Why, on earth, do they always picture it facing forward? I'll never understand. The plumbing supply showroom woman told me that no one installs them as pictured. In fact, my plumber never asked about either one when installing. He just faced them backwards as they should be. Plus, I think the ergonomics of pushing the button would be awkward if facing front.

Sometimes I get the spray button to stay on for me without holding it. I'm not sure how. It has something to do with the faucet head being pulled down and me holding the button for a while. I read someone else here mention that happening for them also with their Talis. It's kind of nice, but having to hold the button in for spray is NOT a big deal to me at all. I love my Talises!

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Thanks for the quick reply! Happy to hear that button can go on the back.

If I recall correctly you weren't intending to mount the lever facing forward but you had to for some reason and now you like it right?

You don't spray your arm when you turn on the water?

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You're welcome.

When my cleanup sink faucet was installed there wasn't enough room for the lever on the faucet to be installed sideways as it would hit the backsplash. It took me no time at all get used to the foreword placement. I noticed no dripping of water from my hands on the counter behind the faucet, and it was a much easier reach than had been placed to the side. (My cleanup sink is a large super single, which is very deep front to back, and I notice that it is a bit of a stretch to reach the base of the faucet even though I'm taller than average.) When my walnut island counter was finally completed, I installed the prep sink faucet facing front also not only for continuity, but also because I love the function of that placement.

I think I may have sprayed my arm once or twice during the first day or so. Once in the middle of the night just recently I was too bleary-eyed to realize the faucet was positioned straight towards me and I turned it on which got my arm a little bit wet. Other than that it's very easy to get used to the forward placement, and you naturally reach for the lever without your arm out of the way. I've read about others with that same experience.

I consider the placement a happy accident!

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Greetings, I recently read on another thread that the Talis S does not return to stream from spray without turning the water off. Can this be so? Thought I had checked that out.... It's always something Ciao ciao

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Lorenza--the Talis S must be held in to engage the spray. When you release the button, the spray disengages. It has nothing to do with the faucet being on or off. If what you read was the way mine function, I would not have chosen them. That type of operation drives me bonkers. :)

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