looking for input: boot shapers?

talley_sue_nycDecember 8, 2012

I bought boots! Yay!
I have wide feet, so it's extra hard for me to find shoes in general, and the times I've tried on boots, they didn't fit. And I'm picky.

But this week, I hit the jackpot at Payless!! I got these:

(oh, and I got shoes: )

OK, I know how to store the shoes, but I'm mildly stumped by the tall boots.
I don't want them to get damaged. And I don't have floor space in my closet (that holds stuff like the vacuum cleaner and the suitcase).

So I thought about bootshapers.

(They make short ones that I could use for the ankle boots.) I don't think I'd hang them among the clothes, but I can hang them on hooks along the back wall. Have any of you used them? Do they work?

Or would I be better off with some sort of clip-on hook?

(I really do hang everything I can on the walls or the sides of things.)

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Hi, Talley-Sue

Congrats on your purchase/score!

The clip type hooks will leave a mark on the boot, unless the boots are light enough that you can hang both with one clip so that the impact is on the inside of the boot and not the outside.

I would get the hot pink ones with the built in hook IF they can be expanded to fill your boots (so that the boots don't slide off. Mine are on the floor, so I have the brown inserts like the white ones in the brown boots in your post.

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I keep mine in the box they came in.

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Congrats on the new boots!

I've never seen boot shapers but they look interesting.

Have you tried a Trouser Clamp type hanger for the tall boots? I just tested the wooden clamps in my closet and they seem to hold fine, one hanger per boot.

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I would go for the hot pink ones also. They will help keep the boot shape, and it doesn't look like they will leave a clamp mark on the boot. Besides, I like hot pink.

You shop like I do...when you find something that fits, you stock up. Way to go!!


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If you had floor space, a rolled up magazine works great inside each boot.

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I've seen the rolled-up magazine idea, but as I said, I don't have floor space.

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I use pool noodles! You can get the thicker type, they cut easily to whatever size/height you need. The dollar store usually has them.

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I saw a tip on TV last week. Roll magazines and stick them in your boots.

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As I said, rolling up magazines is a great idea for someone who has room to stand their boots on the floor. I don't.

But I did get one set of the boot shapers w/ the hooks. They work well enough. I hang them on clothes hooks on the back wall of the closet, behind the clothes.

I also found out that if I take the ball off the end of the spare shower-curtain hooks that I have

Or, if I use a big binder ring

I can loop it through the hole in the zipper tab and hang them up that way.

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This idea is from the site that I linked on the other post. Clever!

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I don't know why the photo did not post - sorry! Trying again

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