Can I re-bake my undercooked quickbread?

olivertwistkitchenFebruary 6, 2013

I baked a Kumkwat Cranberry Loaf this AM. My oven always needs extra time for these sort of things but the top was starting to brown, and I stuck a knife in to test for doneness and it seemed ok. (Unfortunately, it was near one of the ends).

So my son loved the first slice.
My daughter hated the 2nd slice. And now I know why - it was undercooked. I checked the center and it was cornmeal mush.

Can I fix this when I get home or just chuck it?

If I put it back in the oven, won't the top get too brown or burn? I read I can try it in the microwave?

Someone suggested trying all over but at a lower temp for longer.


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Hun, you got nuttin' to lose, do you?
I'd also go lower temp, longer cook. Tent a piece of tin foil over the top (reflective side out) so you don't brown the top too much.

Sadly, I don't think this is gonna be your most successful loaf.

Do NOT microwave uncooked bread unless you're looking to make dog chews.

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It didn't work.
I baked it for close to an hour more.
Still uncooked in the center.


So I started all over.
25 degrees cooler for longer...longer...longer.
Now I can't even tell anymore. Is it undercooked? Isn't it? I took it out of the oven because I couldn't take it anymore.

Will test it on the kids tomorrow.

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When this happens I try to just cut a slice and toast it. Sometimes it works, meaning it becomes edible. Sometimes it doesn't.... bread pudding? Mmmmm.... :)

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I've done that too Aliris19. Or you could slice the whole loaf and place them on a cookie sheet and back them like biscotti. I've never made biscotti but it is baked in a loaf first then sliced and laid out to bake again.

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I have had success with enduring's cookie sheet method.
It does concern me that you baked it an hour more and it was still wet in the center. Something may be wrong with the recipe, have you made that recipe before? It could also have been too much or too wet fruit. If a recipe says one kumquat not 1/2 c diced Kumquat the lack in precision can be your ruin.
I have my own chickens, hence fresh eggs. Some of the eggs I get are HUGE. I always try to use the smallest ones I get when I bake, which are still the size of a large grocery store egg, or reduce the # of eggs called for by 50%. A cake I made a few weeks ago which I have made many times didn't ever dry out in the center and I do blame it too much moisture in the dough caused by egg. It was a chocolate espresso cake and it did make a lovely batch of crumbs and pieces for which I have been finding creative uses.

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When I've had fails like that I've turned it into some kind of bread pudding.

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