Reverse slope driveway with drainage issues

dwpcNovember 3, 2008

We have a short (20 ft) steep driveway on a lot where the house and carport are below the street grade. There's a 3" drain near the house. We've had no drainage problems for 12 years (provided I remember to keep the drain free of leaves) but this year we've had a lot of heavy rain and had a couple close calls where water almost came under the door in downpours because the drain was inadequate or plugged up very quickly.

I know we need to do something, but don't know who to call. I want it done properly and with ample capacity. Is this something any driveway/concrete contractor can deal with? Do we need a specialist. I'm thinking we need a deep gutter with heavy grates that would extend right across the driveway width. Are there some other drainage ideas. Can this be done by sawing the existing concrete and adding the gutter?

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If you install the grates, where will the water go? If the existing drain is all you have, and it couldn't keep up with the heavy rains, then it won't be able to drain any faster if you install a gutter and grate.

Is water flowing in from the street at all? Perhaps you could put a gutter/grate there, or some sort of lip to prevent more water flowing.

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The trench drain (I've learned what its called) would drain via a new and larger drain pipe led around the structure and downslope.

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Sure, sounds like a reasonable plan if you can get it down a hill. A concrete guy should be able to cut and then run a pipe around to wherever you want.

FWIW, 4" PVC (whether soil or sch. 40) carries loads of water, so that shouldn't be an issue.

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