horrible smell in the house (please help!)

blueduskyNovember 25, 2009

I bought a 1985 townhouse this year. It had popcorn ceiling, so I contracted someone to remove it for me. He did a great job, but a very weird smell stayed. The contractor said he bought a bad batch of plaster from Home Depot. It smells like cheese/paint/vomit (different smell for different people). I think the smell from the old owners didn't help either. The contractor came and Fabreezed the house, but that lasted one day. He returned and sprayed the ceiling with bleach. That helped some, but the smell is still here. My nose is used to it, but my relatives have pointed it out that the smell is still here. I already bought furniture and don't want to have my house bleached again. It's so embarrassing! It's been two months, and I still haven't had any visitors. I also tried leaving coal throughout the house, baking soda, and Glade plug-ins. Still the same... I don't know what else to do. Please help!

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Google is your friend. (I wonder if the poster "kat" is one who I think used to post at GW.)

You've got your work set out for you!

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"The contractor said he bought a bad batch of plaster from Home Depot."

Once a pail of drywall mud gets mildew in it is is ruined.

He should never have used the pail, and it likely smelled from the moment it was opened (if he could not see anything).

While you can try and seal the smell in (shellac sealers work well) it may actually be easier to remove the ceiling and put up all new drywall.

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This could be some kind of rot in the timbers of the house.

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