sisial flooring

bentapNovember 18, 2008

I am considering putting sisial flooring in master bedroom and hall way....this 10 yo cape has plywood floors on the second floor...I've read this must be a glue to glue carpet store has lost the rep for the flooring and the rug company web site gives only the most basic of info...any one have any experience with sisial?

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It's really hard to clean. REALLY hard. I'm a carpet cleaner, & I use one of the methods recommended for cleaning sisal (HOST), but the truth is, unless you get a spot or spill up immediately, it can easily cause a permanent discoloration.

I've reached the point where I no longer clean sisal for anyone but my regular clients who insist that I do it for them. And even those clients say they'll never buy it again - they thought they were buying a stain resistant, easy to care for rug, but they quickly learned that was not the case.

Just my experience. Others may have better things to say about it.

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What about a "sisal look" carpet in something like wool or polypropylene/olefin? There are some very good-looking ones out there that are much easier to keep nice than the natural sisal fiber. I find sisal rough on the feet, too, but the faux versions are a lot softer.

(Just to be the resident grump, 10 years old does not qualify as an "old house" by a longshot. I have shoes older than that. :-) Was that a typo? Did you know there is a Flooring forum too?)

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HI, thanks for your thoughts...I think I will skip this flooring as my guess is I won't be happy...

John Mari, actually I also have a 150 yo brick historic and this particular site has been wonderful...old habits die hard, I'd trust this group to help with my " modern house"

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