Help! Need to find way to store totes, handbags

neonrainDecember 17, 2008

I am trying to organize my closet. I have a few large tote bags (19" wide approx, to give you an idea). I alternate and use them to carry necessities to work with me, along with my regular handbag, besides that, my lunch bag fits into the tote, eliminating, yet one more bag to carry !

How do I store them in the closet so they stand up instead of flop over. I have tried hanging them on a hanger, but that takes up quite a bit of space. How do we bag ladies stay organized?

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How about an over the door purse rack?

Here is a link that might be useful: purse rack

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I have found that hooks on the sides or walls of the closet helps hang them.

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to make them stand up, I use bunches of plastic bags, and tissue, and stuff them, it helps them retain their shape and not develop pleats.

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I use coat hooks for the biggies. Install them low, not at the same height you would use for hanging a coat.

The smaller ones go standing up into a bin I can pull out from the shelf.

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I'm actually quite proud of myself for thinking of this, but for large bags, I use sweater shelf dividers and just put them close together (about 3-4 inches, but it depends on the size of the bag). Here are the ones I used, but anything similar would work.

For clutches or small purses, I use clear plastic desk file folder holders. They create the same "slot" effect as the sweater dividers.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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LaxSuperMom...I love that link. Thanks. And not just because I'm another LaxSuperMom, myself. Well, maybe just a LaxMom... ;)

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We have one of those odd under stair closets that goes back in a ways--so there's a lot of unused wall, but not room enough for a shelf, but I put hooks there and placed the totes randomly.

If you have some hanging room, you could hang them in tandem vertically using one of those hanger-adapter thingies that lets you drop down for a few notches--so you use less rod space.

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I've been tempted to buy those for my closet, Frankie. Now I think I will.

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I have a set of pegs down low that were originally installed for my toddler (who's taller than me now). I use those for bags. I think that's the same thing basically as what dilly dally is saying.

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I recently saw a photo in a mag. The tote bags were hung on the clothes rod with the type of rings used to hang shower curtains. These were the old-fashioned wire type, which are large and pear-shaped. Put the tote handles through the narrow part of the pear, then clip to the clothes rod.

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I have dozens of bags, all sizes! I am always looking for a better way to store them, which is why I am checking this thread. The best thing i have come up with so far, short of a custom closet, is steel "S" hooks from the hardware store. They are super cheap and PERFECT for hanging bags from regular rods or also from those white wire shelves. You can put 4 or 5 evening bags/clutches on one hook, and one or two larger bags, depending on how big the bag is. I have found that hangers are the WORST option, and any sort of "stand-up" system leaves them smushed and crushed. ( I switch bags regularly, and don't want to go to the trouble of filling them with something puffy....)

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I have been searching for a belt hanger. I think a large "S" hook will work just fine. Hope I can find one at a hardware store. I have seen them used to hang pans in a kitchen. Thanks for the idea, Shanghaimom!

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I use the unused space in the closet. I bought the largest cup hooks made and place them over the door frames INSIDE the closet (say you're standing in it, turn around to face out and look up.) I also use the sides going down the wall facing the same way. That space is never used. Over the top, I hand short-handled purses and down the sides the long-strap ones. Tote bags I hang from hooks in my laundry closet (it's not a room!). This will work in any closet for the mere price of $2 for the large hooks. (1 inch)

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I am currently using the "hanger" method, but am also looking for alternatives.

The previous owner of my home had two accordion-style peg hooks hanging in the laundry room, with all of her bags hanging on them. (Since our litter box is in this room, I barely leave clean clothes lingering for too long, so not an option for me.)

I do have a wooden freestanding coat rack in my basement (courtesy of Freecycle) that holds various tote bags and duffel bags.

Bottom line is, I have too many bags (even though I've purged). Not because I love them; I have just yet to find that "perfect" one, and it seems it is my life's mission (LOL).

Here is a link that might be useful: accordian-style peg hooks

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For shopping bags, I got a bag that I designated as the "bag of bags," and I put all the other bags in there. And then lean it on the wall. (but I can put mine on the floor)

You could borrow that idea and get a tote or strong shopping bag that you designate as the outer bag (I vote for the Lands End kind, w/ the flat bottoms, and then if you did need one that size, you could "borrow" the outer bag for a short bit).

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My bags are all over the place, those rarely used are under the bed storage and some on the floor, some in shelves (inside storage box) and the problem I am facing is, its not visible and I always forgot what bag I had. When doing clean up then realised that "I could have used this bag for this dinner or work".

Is there any ways to store then in a feasible and visible way but not obstructing human taffic?

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I love Miss India's idea of using that space on the "reverse door frame", as it were. Lydia - would that work? I think you could see everything arrayed that way. Might need to install a light in the closet!

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A while ago I saw this in a Bed Bath & Beyond circular. There are a few different types of clear plastic hanging units. Type in handbag storage and there are a few different solutions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hanging handbag storage units

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