Old handles/pulls, pic & questions

ks_toolgirlNovember 4, 2011

Hi, all. While looking in a box for coat hooks, (yes, CG, I'm looking lol), I found a gallon ziplock bag full of these...

Pic is of 1 of each, side-by-side. "Art-deco" of a sort?

Would these have been in kitchen, cupboard doors perhaps? Drawer pulls?

The thumb-latch ones are throwing me off... Kitchen cabinets with latches?

What time period would these have been used? My kitchen is too modern for them - but I'd like to use them somewhere... I think they'll clean up & look really nice. Any thoughts? I'm posting this here, instead of other forums, because I'm hoping old-house people will know more about the style & time-frame. (And maybe be using these, yourself?).


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I found pulls similar to one set, on eBay. I guess I was too specific in my previous search - used the name "Lloyd" that's on one of them.

They're described as from 50's, alas... Not my style, time-wise, but I might replace the pulls on 40's chest of drawers & dressers with them, (some missing, some just ugly lol).

Sorry to waste anyone's time with it - however, the latching ones do still have me curious.

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KS, you are NOT wasting time. :) I was going to say anywhere from 40s to 60s because they are fairly similar to ones in our ranch kitchen built in '58. They were still there when we sold the place in '87--cabinets were a thin wood door with thicker frames done in a honey finish.

My current cabinets are fitted with two-piece latches, one has a porcelain knob which slides to one side, releasing the latch from a 'keeper' on the frame. Was lucky to find a set of six matching ones when I built the frames using the original kitchen doors!

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Fori is not pleased

Those are wonderful. The simple arch pull on the left could be as late as...well, you can still buy them. I have them in my '56 house. But I think they can also be much older.

The two on the right are kind of art decoish machine agey aren't they? I have some silverware that would be perfect with them. :)

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