Word to your mother: Vanilla Ice is Back

SaraKatFebruary 5, 2013

Guilty pleasure, I just love this show on HGTV. Not a fan of tattoos but other than that he is an attractive man who is very appealing. I think he may actually be sort of self conscious of how smart, intuitive and driven he is and tries to hide it under all those tattoos and lingo. He is much brighter than his exterior would suggest. A savvy businessman. I absolutely loved him in a suit when they were showing the finished house to potential buyers. Ok not sure why this guy appeals to me so much. He just seems nice and smart my motherly instincts are kicking in to promote him, LOL. Not sure if I'm old enough to be his mum, but if I had a son, I'd want him to be like Rob minus the tattoos. Please don't flame me for not being a fan of them, I just can't see the love for drawing on your body, it seems like so grade school.

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It's ok Sara, I love the show too~who would expect a rapper to have an interest in houses. He does quite well,too.

As for the tattoos a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do. There wight be a story going on with all those 'pictures.'

By the way, when does it start?

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I don't watch the show had to open the thread because the title made me chuckle.

Just an FYI, you'd probably get more responses if this were posted on the Conversation side of this forum since it isn't decorating related.

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Sorry about that! I'll try to relate it a bit more. He does decorate houses big time. It's actually on DIY. He buys and renovates abandoned mansions in South Florida my home for so long before moving away. I am thinking he is a hero for rescuing those awful things that were abandoned and rotting in place. It's truly amazing how he turns them around. I would like to know how many of them have sold. Only he could do it because he is putting sometimes as much as $500,000 in them to save them but that usually includes lavish landscaping with crazy pool designs. I have learned a lot about counter tops and what's in and out and some really interesting ceiling treatments. They go on shopping trips and tell about the products.

Patty cakes, it has started already. So far they have done one new episode. It's 10 pm Sunday nights, DIY. I hope you get to see the new episodes : ) It's fun to watch. Different than the other awful shows that have a three day deadline to redo a whole house and so they end up just making do instead of the thought that goes into these renos. Rob really takes to heart each decision and if he doesn't like it he makes them do it over. They have solved lots of problems from microwave drawers not fitting into the cabinets to leaking roofs. Fun show.

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