Is This a Challenging Week for You?

leafy02December 26, 2010

I don't know about other people, but this is a challenging time of year for me, organizationally. I have a couple of weeks off, so I can theoretically get a lot done around the house...but I'm exhausted from the previous weeks of visiting, shopping, cleaning and cooking.

Two of the closets I'd successfully cleaned out in recent months got stuff crammed in them again to get it out of the way before visiting family arrived, etc.

I know it will be months before I have time off to deal with decluttering or organizing again, but I really just want to sit down, put my feet up, and read a book.

Anyone else wishing the shoemaker's elves would come at night and just make it all better?

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"Two of the closets I'd successfully cleaned out in recent months got stuff crammed in them again to get it out of the way before visiting family arrived, etc."

I learned a long time ago that doing that does NOT work for me.
So I never, ever shove things anywhere.

Soon the visitors and the festivities will be over, and you can work on those closets again!
Elves WOULD be nice, though....

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So, put your feet up and read a book! Maybe you can set some mini-goals for your time off. Fifteen minutes of decluttering gets you an hour of book time. Work and reward is one way I get motivated.

Good luck.


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I used to hate this week. Too much stuff around, the tree up, decorations no longer cheerful. Kids underfoot, what's worse than a bored child? Feeling fat, too much eating. Yeah I hate it and can't wait to get back to "normal." Back to healthy eating, back on a schedule, regular tidying. forget those closets for now.Go read a book or watch a good movie.

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Thanks, ladies. Yesterday the book won, today I am going to alternate between organizing and reading, and removing all the signs of Christmas that aren't the actual tree.

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Yes--I have had to work through the holidays, though had some time here and there at home, and find myself getting the heebie-jeebies at the entropy creep of holiday snack items, extra dishes from visitors, using holiday-type serving pieces that my family doesn't know what to do with afterward (always a balance of, do I use these things because it will mean a lot to me and maybe to my family, or will it be just one more extra thing to manage) , gifts out on table tops, DD home for school vacation with all her stuff, all in addition to the usual daily stuff. Keep thinking, I thought I had it organized/decluttered so would be better. Have to take deep breaths.
Coping mechanisms include rely on the "put 10 things away" ( or 5!) and focus on one thing at a time ( load dishwasher; wash a load of towels) and reward with cup of tea and book or favorite music--try not to get caught up in negative brain-cycles about ALL there is to do. Also need to remember some form of exercise--again, even the 5 or 10-minute session--harder when it is so chilly and am drawn to curl up under fuzzy throw ! Plus, tell myself that this is not the time I can reorganize closets or drawers--what with work and family--that can wait for when I have some time off. Focus on keeping up with just the essentials.

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I was feeling awfully sorry for myself yesterday. It's been lousy weather for a couple of weeks and I've been doing a lot of baby-wrangling and house-wrangling. The Spousal Unit knew that I was feeling blue and just took over a lot of stuff for the day, which was nice.

That helped and we had a guest cancel because of the weather and while I want to see the person, I did not want to see them yesterday so that was a relief.

Also, this is when the year starts to feel "stale" to me. It may be irrational, but I want the new year and the feeling of a fresh start!

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I have made this oldie my mantra for keeping up with things this week and all others. Every time I leave a room I look around with this tune in my head. Then I put 3 things away or take them with me to be put where they belong.

Here is a link that might be useful: 1-2-3

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Yes, it is trying and today I decided I'd put the stockings away and all the Santas that were on the mantle. Then I put the manger scene away, and all the angels. I hate this kind of work so bad that I have to delegate it. Tomorrow I'll take down the tree, and the front door wreath and Santa flag. Then I'll give it a day or so before I get the gift wrapping, bags, tissue, etc. together. DH will have to do the outside lights. It's a hassle all right!

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Glad to know I'm not alone. I don't have much holiday decor to put away, but the baskets of clean laundry are stacking up... I did one of the "stash stuff here" closets today and it wasn't so bad.

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I am surprised at how much 'undecorating' is going on! This is just the third day of Christmas....

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Thanks for posting the song Cross Stitch! I love that song, and maybe it will help me put things away!

I usually take all my decorations down and put them away on New Year's Day, but you are all inspiring me to do it sooner. I am done with the holidays for all of the reasons you have all listed above. :)

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I LOOVE that song! Thanks for the link.

All my undecorating is done, which wasn't too hard since we decided not to put up a tree this year. Dividing my time between two houses brings out a bit of a grinch in me. And, I didn't go out on Sunday to buy those 1/2 off Christmas items either.

Did it seem like Christmas? Not exactly, but there is always next year.....


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Remember The Three D's: Dinner, dishes, duds. Meaning cook one meal a day, keep the dishes washed and dried and put away, and keep up the laundry. Today I'm waiting for the plumber to come-the pipe under the kitchen sink is leaking, I can't keep up with the Second D- dishes!

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